Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Best Bibingka Vs. The Strangest Bibingka

Bibingka, as we all know, is a puto-like Filipino pastry that has a burnt sweet eggy taste. Along with Puto Bungbong, they are the most popular tummy fillers during the Christmas season. Its primary ingredients are egg, rice flour and coconut milk traditionally cooked between two coal furnaces.

In my travels I can say that I've encountered the best and the strangest of this food.

The Best Bibingka

My visit in Marinduque last April 2011 was my most memorable trip ever not only because it was my very first solo travel but also of the awesome foods I experienced there. Among the foods I've tasted in Marinduque, their bibingka is my most favorite. This special bibingka is found only in Boac, the province's capital. 

each one sells at P20
food sent by the god of bibingkas
Boac's Bibingka is the largest and the best I ever tasted. Its rich coconut taste blends well with its other ingredients. Definitely, my taste buds loved it at first bite.

The Strangest Bibingka

Just this morning, I've tasted the strangest bibingka. Far different from other bibingkas, Pateros' Bibingkang Abnoy tastes weird and smells awful. Surely, the picky eaters would never dare to taste or even get near this strange food. Its main ingredient is Pateros' very own abnoy egg (undeveloped duck eggs).

10 pesos per pack

But I'm not a picky eater (medyo lang), so I bravely ate a slice of Bibingkang Abnoy dipped in vinegar. It actually tastes nicer when dipped in vinegar. Its texture is more like a scrambled egg than a bibingka.

The Best vs The Strangest

To try the best is truly awesome but experiencing both the best and strangest is even greater than the word  awesome. Boac Bibingka exemplifies delight and greatness while the Bibingkang Abnoy, the exoticism and difference.   

Just like in traveling our country, you will not experience the best of the Philippines without giving a try the strangest, weirdest, and the most exotic.


 This is my entry to this month's PTB Blog carnival hosted by Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet with the topic: "Awesome Food Experience while traveling in the Philippines"
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  1. masarap yung strangest Bibingka with vinegar :D

  2. The name 'bibingkang abnoy' already scares me! Haha. Bibingka dipped in vinegar sure sounds odd, but I'm very much interested and would love to try a bite.

  3. That "abonoy" looks weird! I could just imagine how it tastes, it being made of "undeveloped" duck eggs. Does it mean mga bugok na itlog?

  4. @ms Gay, wow.. go try it.. hahaha
    @Ding, you got it!

  5. I was watching a fashion show earlier this morning. and one of the judges said to one contestant is that her dress has the most eccentric look yet elegant. This bibingka on the otherhand looks eccentric to me because i never thought you could dip it with a vinegar. Sana makatikim din ako nyan .

  6. Bibingkang doesn't look like the usual bibingka. Is it sweet (sans the vinegar)? =)

  7. I'm from malabon...super sarap nyang bibingkang weird na yan. Nagluluto din ako ng bibingkang abnoy and i also eat abnoy it with kaning lamig, hot fish sauce or hot vinegar with garlic and onion..Yummy! Super tagal ko di nakakain ng abnoy pero nakahanap ako sa wakas nakakain ulit =).

  8. ang sarap nyang bibingkang abnoy! yeah but its not for everyone =)

  9. Because of your post, I tried tasting bibingkang abnoy from Pateros...and I'll never do it again. I'll eat more balut instead. (n_n)

  10. Hi sir! I would just like to know whether it will be possible to ask for contact details of the people who cooked the bibingkang abnoy. Please feel free to email me at or call/text me at 0906-550-2389. Thank you very much!

  11. can you give me the exact place where to buy that bibingkang abnoy please please please?? thank you so much and God bless



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