Sunday, December 18, 2011

Food Trip | Mang Larry's Isaw @ UP Diliman

One afternoon, a friend invited us to join a conference/seminar at UP Diliman. Since I don't have any prior commitments and homework that day, I, without thinking twice, said yes to his invitation.

Fast Forward >>>

It was a nice conference/seminar, talking about the undergrad and graduate courses offered by colleges and universities in Japan. However, I am not interested in studying abroad so I'm kinda bored and wanted to get out as soon as possible. After waiting patiently for an hour or so, we all decided to leave the auditorium.

Now what to do in UP Diliman at 3:30 in the afternoon? Food Trip of course, and we haven't tried the famous, the one and only Mang Larry's Isaw.

I really have no idea how this isawan, owned by a man named Larry, got famous. A small food cart (cart #11) popular not only among the scholars of UP but also throughout the food blogging community. His business was even featured on Korina's TV show, wow he's big time now. There's no doubt Mang Larry's stardom is growing bigger and brighter, popularity is sky rocketing, I think he should run for Senator on 2013 (that's OA na).

We just walked our way to his food cart located near UP Law. I'm surprised that when I checked "Mang Larry's Isawan" on Google Map, it will bring you directly to its location (big time na talaga, landmark na ang kanyang business). As we get near to Mang Larry's Isawan, my excitement grew intensively (OA lang ulit). Oh I can't wait to give this famous isaw a try.

do you notice something in his tarp?
Smoke from the grill was all over the place, but I love the smell of it so it's just fine to me. People do patronize Mang Larry's isaw, there's a crowd in front of his cart.

When I checked his menu I found there: isaw manok (chicken intestine) P3, isaw baboy (pork intestine) P3, atay (pork liver) P6, buchi (chicken intestine) P3, pork bbq P10, tenga (pork ears) P6, isaw baboy special (special pork intestine) P6, goto (pork tissue) P3, balun-balunan (chicken gizzard) P6. Cheap huh? Be warned though, once your tried one of Mang Larry's food especially the famous isaw, you'll get addicted to it that you won't notice you already ordered a hundred pieces of it, I'm just exaggerating things ok.

smokin hot grill
ooh lala!
So I ordered 10 sticks of isaw, gave my order to none other than Mang Larry himself. Yup, the legendary Mang Larry is the one taking the orders. Good job on being hands-on sa business.

After giving our orders, in just a matter of less than 10 minutes, our isaw are ready. The freshly grilled isaw goes with a brown paper bag (ideal as it absorbs the excess oil and it's environment friendly). However, the isaw itself goes on small servings, that's why it's cheaply P3 only. At the side, there are dispensers of sawsawan, either vinegar, sweet sauce or a mix of both.  

you can get the sawsawan from the dispenser, plastic cups are also provided
pick-up sticks?
Photo by Byron. We Love Mang Larry's Isaw
The taste is pretty much like the ordinary isaw you would find along the street somewhere else, but the  experience of eating the isaw with your friends makes it extraordinary.

Overall, Mang Larry's Isaw is recommendable especially for barkadahan bonding moments, the food is cheap, there's a wide open space, and it's a cool place good for chillaxing.  



  1. nilagay mo ba sa basurahan ang "steak"?

  2. Mas bet ko ang breaded isaw sa may Taft. Dadalhin ko kayo dun one day.

  3. Di ako fan ng Mang Larry's kasi feeling ko sa kasikatan niya ay di na tama yung presyo niya, may isa pang isawan sa UP sa may likod ng law and dun kami mas madalas. :)

  4. i love manglarry hihihi. sarap naman ng foodtrip na to



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