Sunday, November 20, 2011

Viaje Sagada | Blazing Rituals of Panag-apoy

We were dazzled by the fires of Panag-apoy. The heat, blaze and smoke produced by the fires of Panag-apoy created an inferno-like ambiance at Sagada's cemetery.

Day 4 - November 1, 2011

We just came from a tiring trek from Bomod-ok falls and we were now filling our stomach at Kimchi Restaurant. By the way, the food at Kimchi Restaurant was so great especially their chicken adobo, yum yum. I'll make a separate post regarding our food trip in Sagada.

It was around 5 before evening and it was raining in Sagada. We were eating our superduper late lunch very fast because we know that the rituals of Panag-apoy would start any minute soon. And just a few seconds after we finished eating, we saw black smoke rising from the cemetery. The Panag-apoy has started.

We ran hastily to the cemetery, it's one of the main reasons why we were still in Sagada on the 1st day of November. I cannot afford to miss this once a year celebration.
| Panag-apoy ritual is celebrated by the Sagadians every 1st of November. Instead of using candles, they will set ablaze pine firewood, previously blessed by a priest, on the tombs of their deceased loved ones.  
The ceremonial blessing of the firewood just ended when we arrived and a lot of firewood were already set on fire. Families, friends and tourists were there to celebrate panag-apoy. I can feel the solemnness throughout the cemetery. Smoke and fire filled the place, the heat was intense and the fumes of burning pinewoods was a bit suffocating.

The fires of panag-apoy, illuminates the dark cemtery. It was an overwhelming scene, I've never seen a ritual or tradition similar to panag-apoy. 

Sagada's Panag-apoy
I should've brought masks with me.
the fires of Sagada.
We stayed for only about 30 minutes, if we stayed longer, we'll surely be toasted. We lost each other at the cemetery so we made the seats at the back of St. Mary Church our rendezvous point. Of course, while waiting for others, we again talked about ghostly stories.

By 6:30 pm, we were already walking our way to a restaurant that will serve us an authentic Pinikpikan dish.


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  1. Its like Mexico's "Day of the Dead" a fiery and awesome ritual, a visual feast too.

  2. Me and my bestfriends will go to SAGADA On january.. We hope for a very fun and nice travel tehre. Its actually our first ever backpacking travel! Hahaha Nag-hahanda na kami ng mga funds :) Weeeeeee!

  3. and the ritual ended in the dark park of the church, where the souls were. :)

  4. @Marky, I googled that Mexico's Day of the dead, and it looked very interesting..

    @Billy, hey goodlak sa trip nyo. gudlak din sa paggastos.

    @Heiz, waah.. may mumu nanaman..

  5. Thanks for your posts on sagada culture. they may correct negative notions about igorots



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