Friday, November 18, 2011

Viaje Sagada | The Might of Bomod-ok Falls

I've never seen in my entire life a falls that is as strong as Bomod-ok. 

Day 4 - November 1, 2011

After witnessing one of Sagada's unique traditions, we proceeded next to the northern part of Sagada to see the might of Bomod-ok Falls. However, along the way, we again had an encounter with the local tour guides of the Big Falls. They will never allow any tourist to pass through the gates unless you get a guide from them which costs P500 (its different from the P600 we paid for the SaGGAs tour guide). Nevertheless, we still paid for the extra charge just for us the see the beauty of Bomod-ok Falls.

the tour guide house that blocks the way to Bomod-ok Falls
Bomod-ok Falls or the Big Falls is a natural wonder that the people of Sagada can really be proud of. But before anyone can lay eyes before it, one must do a tiring one hour trek. The trek wasn't that really hard (I find the trek to Pongas Falls a lot harder), we walked along the side walks of Banga-an Rice Terraces, of course we fed our eyes with enthralling views of the whole place. The weather was perfect, the sky was vibrant blue, what else could we ask for?

bago kami tumuloy sa trek, we still did some poses for the photo opportunities.
Jerome and Cai, battle of the giants
feeling airbenders?
we continued the walk despite the heat of the sun
Batang Lakwatsero and the Banga-an Rice terraces

We continued walking without minding the tiredness and the heat of the high noon sun. After we crossed a rocky stream, I started to hear the scream of the waterfalls. I rushed into the rock and there I saw the champion of all the waterfalls in Sagada. I can't believe that we've seen the Bomod-ok falls at its full blast. Most pictures online would show only the calmness of the Big Falls, but he was madly showing off his power when we visited him. 

first sighting of the falls
PTB Bagets in action
The cold water was really inviting, so without any second thoughts, we dipped our exhausted bodies (oops, sobrang lamig pala). I was shivering the whole time I was at the river, also, the current was so strong that I needed to stay behind the giant boulder so I won't be dragged by the river's current..

Kids fearlessly dive from the rocks beside the falls (that's about 20 feet high). I can feel their enjoyment as they jumped from the rock. I wish I could also jump like what they were doing, but my can't-swim ability stops me. As we get nearer into the falls, we felt its might even more. Liters of water were being sprayed by the falls, as if I was standing in front of a dam. 

We spent about 2 hours at the falls. By 2:00 pm, we started our trek back to where we came from. Walking uphill was indeed more challenging. The walking sticks provided by the tour guide at the toll gate proved to be very helpful at all times.

mas mahirap ang pabalik
ang hapong-hapo na si Jerome
one last look at the rice terraces

Though we're tired, we're still happy. And I guess we still have a few reserved energy for the Panag-apoy ritual later at the cemetery.


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  1. Naalala ko tuloy kung gaano kapagod paakyat. Tapos kasunod nito pumunta pa kami ng Hanging Coffins. Nangingnig na tuhod namin sa pagod. Haha!

    Mas malakas ata yung tubig ng falls pagpunta nyo compared nung samin.

  2. nabobother talaga ko ng outfit ni robbie, hehe

    anyway congrats for surviving this mighty falls, anlakas ng tubig nya ngayon, ang ganda! =)

  3. Sigh. Kung nakasama ako dito I would have joined those kids in diving from those 30 feet high rocks. Sigh ulit.

  4. Aylab your shot with the falls! Si Jerome parang susuko na.

  5. 2 hours pala tayo nasa falls?!?! I'm so glad na binalikan ko yung falls at nasaksihan ang mas malakas na pagbuhos nito :D

    @Chyng: 2nd time mo nang ma-bother sa outfit ko! =))

  6. Nakita ko na naman yang trademark hat mo, in fairness kung ganito kaganda ang falls, kahit mahabang lakaran kakayanin :)

  7. Wow! Ang lakas nung falls sa pagpunta niyo. nung pumunta kami mahina lang.

  8. Hi po. Ano pong mas maganda, yung Pongas oryung Bomod-ok Falls? Thaaaanks! :)



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