Monday, November 21, 2011

Viaje Sagada | Soloing the Hanging Coffins of Echo Valley

I failed to have a glimpse on the famous hanging coffins the first time I went to Echo Valley. I made a promise to myself that I will return and take a few snapshots of this marvelous tradition, even if it means that I have to go on solo.

Day 5 - November 2, 2011

The sound of the wake-up alarm disturbed my light sleep. It was 5:00 in the morning, and it's still dark outside. It's also our last day in Sagada, we're scheduled to leave by 1:00 pm. Good thing I have done packing my things last night before I sleep, now I still have a couple of hours to pursue the hanging coffins of Echo Valley.

I left George Guesthouse at 6:20 am. I walked pretty fast while having a mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness. I passed by the bus terminal, where we were supposed to ride for Baguio, and I was shocked to see the number of passengers in line. Inside my head, I was asking myself how the hell are we going down to Baguio. I then passed by the church and reached the cemetery, nothing was there but the charred pine firewood of last night's panag-apoy ritual.

look at that, multitude of passengers going home
ashes from the panag-apoy
My heart was beating fast and I really don't know why. I continued walking at fast pace until I came again before the trails of the Echo Valley. No one was there except me, talagang medyo creepy but I still walked despite the uncomfortable feeling.

I cautiously followed the trail, still slippery and wet, until I reached again the forking path, but this time, I know that the right trail is the right path. After a few more walks, vwalla, the hanging coffins welcomed me.

hello again Echo Valley
I won't get lost for the second time.
ahh, the hanging coffins. this view was giving me chills. medyo creepey. I was solo all the way.
I was really nervous pero smile pa rin..
Mission Return to Echo Valley - success!!

I did not spend too much time with the coffins, who would want?. After a few snapshots, I left with haste. By 7:30, I was back again at the guest house.


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  1. ngayon ko lang nakita na pumipila na mga tao sa bus.

  2. @dong ho, ako rin, I didn't expect na ganito rin sa Sagada.

    @ivan, bakit ano ba kasi ang frequency ng bus trip diyan at parang nag-uunahan pa sa pila ang mga tao, unahan ba yan and turista ba mga yan?hehe..

  3. high season kasi kaya gnyan. hehe.. lahat sabay-sabay naguuwin galing sa panonood ng Panag-apoy...

  4. kaya pala, when you arrived at GeorgeGuestHouse, you were literally catching your breath and was speechless, with tulala-eyes. brave lakwachero.

  5. Nakakatakot kaya mag-isa. Nung pumunta ako jan with my friends tatlo lang kami pagabi na yun feeling ko may mga matang nakatingin sa amin kaya nagmadali kami pabalik! (OK, takutin ulit ang sarili! Tapos na ang Halloween! :))

  6. For the love of travel, kahit mag-isa pa sa sa Echo Valley go lang ng go :)

  7. Galing mo, Ivan! Sana makapunta din ako dyan in the future.

  8. I'd like to this one too but your article was so gripping that it is as if I am following your trail. Parang nanunuod lang ako ng paranormal project movie or something na with matching catching ur breath feeling pa. I love the photos and of course, the intensity of your solo trip to the Echo Valley. Buti walang echo nung pumunta ka?

  9. Ang tapang mo lang! Hinay hinay ng onti sa pag-lakwatsa. I know na exciting pero ingat lang din. Nakakatakot pa naman dahil mag0isa kang pumunta dun. =)

  10. @heiz, haha you remembered..

    @Marx, haha.. tlgang natatakot din ako nung naglakbay ako mag-isa.. haha

    @Ms Claire, tama walang inuurungan basta lakwatsa..

    @Nicely, go na.. msarap magmoments dyan sa echo valley marami lang coffins.

    @Doc wends, thanks po.. buti na lang wala tlgang echo.. haha

    @Robbie, ughhmm alam ko naman na protektado ako ng divine powers ng inang dyosa. hehe

  11. Cool to see solo traveler, sana ako din! The best tlga ang Sagada. :p



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