Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Viaje Sagada | Pongas Falls and the Death-defying Trek

This is probably the best part of the whole Sagada Adventure. Pongas Falls is certainly my most favorite destination in Sagada, it is a hidden wonder. But of course, getting into this hidden wonder is not just a piece of cake.

Day 3 - October 31, 2011

The adventure has not yet halted for us who remained in Sagada. Our next destination would've been the long trek to Bomod-ok falls. But thanks to the newly assembled toll gate along the way to Bomod-ok, our dream of reaching the big falls was delayed for 20 hours (Bomod-ok Falls adventure moved to day 4's activity) .

The sudden change of plan was not really a big deal for us. Instead of taking Bomod-ok Falls, we just decided to take Pongas Falls which is found on the southern part of Sagada.
| Pongas Falls is the newest adventure being offered by SaGGAs. The Pongas Falls adventure was only 3 months old when we visited.

I was really excited to see this Pongas Falls which according to some blogs that I've read is composed of 7 falls. Another thing which made me more excited was the views of the Ankileng Rice Terraces while we're on the road to southern Sagada. After some 25 minutes, we reached the drop-off point.

Our guide told us that reaching Pongas Falls could be done in two exciting ways, one is via the river which is more fun and not so usual but will surely take a lot of time, and the other one is via the long trek along the Ankileng Rice Terraces. The rivering activity sounded more thrilling but since we arrived a little too late (around 4:00 pm), we did the trekking.

The trek started from a shaky hanging bridge then along the sidewalks of the rice terraces, we even passed by a local community. The first 20 minutes of the trek wasn't really that hard. I thought our trek will be just the typical follow-the-trail-until-you-reach-your-destination trekking. But I was so wrong with that. I realized after an hour that I was doing the most challenging trek I've ever done in my life, yet.

the hanging bridge to Ankileng
Robbie and Nikki walking along the side walks of the terraces
Cai and the kids of Ankileng
PTB Bagets in action
lakad pa rin
diyan lang naman kami pupulutin kapag nagkamali kami ng apak.
It was a death-defying trek, deep cliffs on our side, one mistake and we'll cease to exist (12 inches lang ata yung lapad nung nilalakaran namin). It was already 5:00 pm when we had our first sightings of the falls (#anggandalang). We continued our walk, crossed a river and climbed over a boulder then vwala, a hidden wonder welcomed us. At an instant, all the stress caused by the challenging trek are swept away. Amazement was evident, seen upon our faces. For me, it is the best waterfalls I've seen in my entire life.

first sighting of the falls
Kuya Andrew, our guide, at the Pongas Falls
my closest encounter with Pongas Falls

Pongas Falls ♥
After spending an hour savoring the moment with the falls, we left and started the trek back to where we came from. It was already 6:00 pm, darkness now rule over the sky. Our guide led us to another, even more challenging, a night trek. 

Something that I've never done, night trekking was totally the best part of this adventure. Equipped only with head lights and courage, the night trek was a blast. I really don't know how we were able to trek back the same trail we took earlier. If we move to our left we'll surely fall off the cliff, if we move to our right, our whole leg will sink in deep rice paddies. I'd rather get my feet dirty than die falling off the cliff.

Batang Lakwatsero, a certified night trekker
I don't mind getting my feet dirty
By 7:00 pm, we successfully passed Pongas Falls and its death-defying trek. We all deserve a sumptuous dinner at Yoghurt House.


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  1. Ang ganda ng Pongas Falls. This is one reason for me to visit Sagada, again. I went there early this year, obviously, hindi ba sya ino-offer.

    Ambilis mo mag blog, Ivan! 5 Sagada posts mo na ata ang nabasa ko. :)

  2. Ikaw lang hindi nagshare ng photos!!!! SELFISH KA ANAK!!!! Hahahaha.

  3. kuya leo, indeed.. sobra tlgang ganda ng pongas.. my favorite tlga tlga. thanks for reading :P

    Robbie, haha.. sabi ko isesend ko na lang via YM. hihi..

  4. Love your pictures of Pongas. Wish we had the time to go there, I'm sure K would enjoy it very much. And you're so prolific! So many blog posts already! haha

  5. wow! di ko pa to nakikita. ganda nga. ganda din ng mga kasama.

  6. Indeed sobrang death-defying nito! So proud of us we survived it! And sobrang ganda lang talaga ng Pongas noh? Babalikan ko talaga to, next time magririvering na ko LOL

    And, closest encounter talaga? Parang ET lang hahaha

  7. great shots... katakot lang ang trek. hehehe!

  8. i imagine you guys so happy the whole duration of the night trekking.. ang ganda ng falls..

  9. haha the muddy foot reminded me of my solo river trekking in Daraitan. Meron din ako ganyan shot.

  10. super the best ang pongas. i heart pongas! :) and the night trek with the bagets was near-death-sa-bangin experience.

  11. gaano katagal yung trek sir, kaya ba ng 4 hours (slow pace) yung round trip?



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