Saturday, November 12, 2011

Viaje Sagada | No Sun at Kiltepan

First on our list.. the Sunrise at Kiltepan Peak. But sunrise viewing turned photo shooting.

Day 2 - October 30, 2011

Everyone was tired of the long road trip yesterday. After we arrived and checked in at George's Guesthouse, we had our sumptuous dinner at Yoghurt House (ansarap ng food doon). Tired and full, we soon fell asleep at our inn.

When I woke up (alarmed my phone at 4:00 am), I felt nothing but excitement. Finally I will encounter the famous Kiltepan Sunrise.
By the way, Robbie already went to SaGGAs Office on our way to Yoghurt House last night to get our guide for today's Kiltepan Sunrise Viewing.
| When you're in Sagada, getting a guide is really not a problem. Just walk into SaGGAs' Office near the Yoghurt House and make reservations. For Kiltepan Sunrise Viewing, make your reservation the night before your wanted date. They'll give you your guide's contact number and they'll fetch you around 4-5am. Your tour guide will also get a rented vehicle for you.

Around 4:30 am, outside George's Guesthouse (opcors sobrang dilim pa at malamig), we waited for our guide and our rented jeep to arrive. In less that 20 minutes, our jeepney came to fetch us (lalo ako na-excite, actually excited na man ako the whole week in Sagada).

It was roughly 10 minutes drive to Kiltepan peak from our place. Thick fog welcomed us at the peak. A bonfire was set and people of around 30 are already waiting for the sunrise. It was freezing cold up there, a jacket isn't enough to stop you from shivering. Smoke comes out of mouth every time we breath or speak (for short, para kaming nasa freezer).

Dark and Foggy at Kiltepan Peak
Since it was still dark and there were a plenty of tourist at the view point. We decided to wait inside our rented vehicle and talked about our ghostly encounters. Four in the group can sense ghosts, I have nothing to share so I just listened to them as they tell their freaking stories. Including the ghost they sensed last night inside our room in George Guesthouse.

We did not notice the time, 20 minutes have passed and the Kiltepan Peak was still covered by a thick layer of fog. There were no traces of the sun at Kiltepan, not even a sunfleck.

fern fronds covered with frosts
cloudy horizon
Batang Lakwatsero at the Peak
Our group boarded out the jeep and went to the view point. There were still no sign of the sun, even the Kiltepan Rice Terraces are covered by thick low-laying clouds (epic fail ang aming pagpunta). Very seldom the clouds at the rice terraces would subside, and it was like Madonna or Angelina Jolie who's peeking out of the window (sobra kaming na-amaze, nakaka-starstruck ang Kiltepan Rice Terraces).

the Kiltepan Rice Terraces
It was already 6:00 am, the sky was already bright but it was never a clear sky, we gave up all our hopes of seeing the majestic sunrise. So instead, we just posed for the photo opportunities. Sunrise viewing turned photo shooting. We left Kiltepan by 6:30 am.

Team Sagada's Jeepney Pose at Kiltepan Peak. Photo by Jerome

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  1. And next time, the sun will greet us warmly. #umaasalangtalaga

  2. excited na ako for my sagada this november 24. Sana magpakita sa haring araw.Love the last pix of the bagets.

  3. Awts sayang. Di bale ganda pa rin naman ng mga pics hehe

  4. @Robbie, yun tlga ang rason para balikan ang sagada.. pati yung pongas at marlboro mountain

    @Cai, sana lang talaga..

    @Gino, wow.. gudlak sa trip mo..

    @Mica, yeah.. i love the photo ops.

  5. I got lucky..
    I've seen Kiltepan's sunrise.
    Now you have a reason to go back

  6. ang cute ng pose..parang xmen..hahaha..astig pati ung porma nung me orange cap..



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