Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Viaje Mauban | Dahoyhoy Falls

The chillax part is over, we're now entering the part of my Mauban trip that is full of adventure.

Day 2 - May 21, 2011 | Long Walk for Dahoyhoy

As soon as we arrived at the Port of Mauban, we took a tricycle to the town market. Our top priority was to buy new pairs of slippers (kelangan nila ibalik ang Havaianas kila doctors Fe and Cristy the next day).

at the port of Mauban

Jonas buying the tsinelas

We proceeded next to the Tourism Center (located beside the Municipal hall) to ask for directions to our next goal, the Dahoyhoy falls.

the Tourism Center
Getting to Dahoyhoy Falls
From the Mauban town market, ride a tricycle (P60.00). Ask the driver to take you near the hanging bridge at Sito Ba-ao. From there, cross the bridge and then follow the trail to the falls. The walk might take 30 minutes. There's no fee, being with nature is free.
The trike dropped as near the the hanging bridge where we started the long and exhausting walk to the falls.

the first bridge to Dahoyhoy falls

just follow the concrete trail and you'll reach it
the second hanging bridge
you'll pass by a lot of fields like this
We reached the falls after 30 minutes of tiring walk.

I was impressed by the scene that welcomed us, plunging falls, green boulders, forest, and flat rocks. We're totally with the nature. Its cold water is very inviting, and its falls are powerful enough to give you a good massage. However, since it was summer, the falls was not at its full blast, there's no water coming from the falls on the right part.    

huge mossy rocks
Yags doing the "jeje pose"
would you dare to risk your camera?
Sariling Sikap #1
Sariling Sikap #2
the rocks here are very slippery, always be careful.
The Dahoyhoy Falls

After an hour of being with the nature, we again walked our way back to Town of Mauban.


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  1. kapag mga rainy days at mataas ung ilog, masayang tumalon dun sa ikalawang hanging bridge pababa sa ilog hahaha *jump at your own risk XD*

  2. at least ngayun alam ko na pwedeng iside trip sa Mauban...

  3. budoy na budoy ang dating ko jan hahhahahah epal ka ivan

  4. Good day sir! Still ganan pa rin kaya kalakas ang agos kapag pupunta kami this May 1 jan sa Falls na yan? :)



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