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Viaje Mauban | Cagbalete Island Camping Day 2

Day 2 - May 21, 2011 | The Island of Cagbalete

Everyone was still sleeping when I woke up. It was 5 in the morning and the sun hasn't showed up yet. I quickly grabbed my camera and started my early morning beach photo walk.

Cagbalete by 5 in the morning
Sariling Sikap #1 - feeling the morning sea breeze
btw, MVT Sto Niño is near the mangrove forest, we actually met a snake while swimming during the lowtide
the sunrise
Sariling Sikap #2 - the author walking by the beach
father and son bonding, they're the third guest of the MVT Sto. Niño 
Carabao, not only on farm
Vincent and Yags, my friends joined me walking by 6 am
I proudly present my sandcastle
sea shells abound the shore

By 7:00 am, the tides were at its highest (just above the waist), enough to dip your whole body.  My friends decided to go swimming (they're with our new found friends) again but I stayed in a cottage and stole some sleep.
Vincent and Jonas with Doctors Fe and Cristy.
Sariling Sikap#3 - beach viewing pose
No more delatas on day 2. Yup, our "new found friends", Dr. Cristy and Dr. Fe, both are doctors from Batangas, invited us to join them in breakfast by 8:30 am, and early lunch by 11:20 am. They're angels sent by God in this island paradise escapade.

As they're busy preparing our breakfast (talagang wala akong hilig sa food preparation), I went upstairs to check MVT Sto. Niño's rooms, everything looks native. On the outside, they have a lot of kubo that is perfect for 2-4 persons. check their site, here, for their room rates.

this is MVT Sto. Niño
the Veranda
their airconed rooms
their kubo
After the satisfying egg and meatloaf breakfast, we headed back to our camp and started unpitching the tent. We also packed up our things and brought them into the resort's main building, we're running after the last boat trip (1:00 pm) back to mainland. Then we paid ms Fely P150.00 each for the tent space.

Wala nang mas masarap sa libreng pagkain

But we just couldn't resist the large grilled squid, special beef steak, and another grilled fish plus 2 bottles of coke beside the table. So we did the effort-ful grilling job with Dr Fe and stayed again for the early lunch.

tatanggihan mo ba 'to?
our free lunch
our most beloved "new found friends", Dr. Cristy and Dr. Fe

Time flew by so quickly, we haven't noticed that we only have an hour left before the boat leaves. We can barely move because our tummies were so full, carried our bags and bid goodbyes to our new friends. But their kindness wasn't over yet, they noticed Vincent and Jonas were walking barefooted (remember the rising tides? read Cagbalete Day 1 to know how they lost their slippers), so they lend their Havaianas flops to them. We promised to return the slippers back when they arrive at Mauban port.

We left at around 12:10 pm, crossed the river again and followed the the trail back to Sabang Port.

before we found this "right" trail to Sabang Port, we entered first a masukal, swampy jungle (naligaw muna kami, nagkamali kami ng nilikuan) nagkandasabitsabit ako sa mga nakatumbang puno. haay, whatta experience .
At Sabang Port, we were just right in time, the boat was still there. It sailed 10 minutes after.  

Us on the mini transfer boat
Emerald waters of Sabang Port

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