Saturday, May 28, 2011

Viaje Mauban | On The Road To Mauban

Mauban, a 1st class municipality not so familiar to my senses, all I know is that it's a town somewhere in the large province of Quezon.

Not until May 20-22 when my college friends invited me to join their camping trip at Mauban. Right there and then, I discovered the great things this place could offer.

Day 1 - May 20, 2011 | The Road to Mauban

Had my backpack, hat and camera ready for this year's end-of-summer getaway. The time was 3:00 am, still dark and cold outside, my college friends were waiting for me in a convenience store just a stone's throw away from my home. Our destination - Mauban, Quezon via Lucena Grand Central terminal.

Our original plan was to take a bus at Buendia Terminal, JAC Liner or Lucena Lines, but after learning that there's AB Liner at Pureza which is more accessible from our place, we didn't had second thoughts of riding their bus instead. Another thing, we're all being thrifty so saving money was our priority, our fare from Manila to Lucena Grand Central Terminal was only P178.00 (great save from 200++ fare of other airconditioned bus). AB Liner's ordinary bus ply the Manila-Lucena-Guinayangan route.

We left Manila by 3:30 am, the cold early morning wind from the outside blew my spirit away. It was my very first long non-a/c bus ride (Manila to Lucena takes 3-4 hrs), and I thought it would be a long sleepy bus ride. But I was wrong, watching two Angelina Jolie film ("Wanted" and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith") back to back on board was just too awesome.

By 6:45 am, we reached the Lucena Grand Terminal. The mini bus bound to Mauban will leave by 7:30 am, we still have some time to spare. We have not taken breakfast yet so we bought first a siopao with cheese at the terminal.

strawberry doughnut? No, it's the siopao with cheese, injected with its sweet sauce.

Twenty minutes before the mini bus leaves, we boarded with excitement, Mauban was now an hour away.

the mini-bus to Mauban

The road to Mauban ran smooth with stunning views of wide rice fields with Mt Banahaw at the background, old structures, rocky rivers where old women wash clothes, and forests of tall coconut trees. We paid P54.00 to enjoy these great views.

the road to Mauban
an old church we passed by
the great Mt. Banahaw
We finally reached the port town of Mauban at around 8:45 am.


Five-part series of my Mauban, Quezon Trip with college friends (May 20-22, 2011).
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  1. nagutom ako bigla when i saw the food. hehe

  2. The view's fantastic. That's probably the reason why I love riding buses more than airplanes. :)

  3. I'm from Lucena and hindi ko pa napupuntahan ang Mauban. I'll put this on my travel list next year. Thanks for posting this! =)



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