Friday, May 27, 2011

Viaje Mauban | A Place for Chillax and Adventure

Not too far from the city of Manila, Mauban, a port town in the large province Quezon, can be your unforgettable weekend summer getaway. Chillax or adventure, experience both as you visit the town of Mauban.

This is the preview post of my Viaje Mauban Series, my three-day trip to Mauban, Quezon.

How we got there

There are a lot of bus lines that travel to Lucena City. But due to thriftiness and proximity to our place, we opted to ride AB Liner's ordinary bus (P178.00) bound to Guinayangan, Quezon via Lucena City. Click here to check the other bus lines.

on the way to Mauban

Unboard when you reached the Grand Central terminal where you can find mini-buses (P54.00) that are bound to Mauban Town.

What we did - Chillax and Adventure

  • The Chillax - Cagbalete Island Camping

Off the coast of Mauban is the Island of Cagbalete, an island paradise complete with fine white sand beach and awesome landscapes fit for shutter clicks.  
boat ride to Cagbalete Island
father and son, fishing bonding
the crystal clear waters of Cagbalete

the uber fine but dark sand of the beach
the wide beach that resembles a soccer fields
beach walking
  • The Adventure - Dahoyhoy Falls and Cogonan Hill

Walk for 30 minutes, cross 2 hanging bridges, follow the trail until you reach the hidden beauty of Dahoyhoy falls.
the hanging bridge, the way to Dahoyoy
the large mossy rocks  in Dahoyhoy falls
the falls
yours truly at Dahyhoy falls
Climb up the Cogonan Hill and enjoy the view of the whole town of Mauban.
view of the Cogonan hill from the port of Mauban
us on top of the Cogonan Hill
the cogon grass of Cogonan Hill with the town of Mauban at the backdrop

Where we stayed

On our first night, we camped by the beach at MVT Sto. Niño, Cagbalete Island.

tents, this is my first camping experience

We stayed at Fiesta Royale Apartelle at Brgy. Polo, Mauban, Quezon on our second night.

sponsored stay at Fiesta Royale Apartelle
What we ate

  • Lots of Halo-Halo - the delicious way of escaping the summer heat.
  • Seafood - a port town is synonymous to seafood
our lunch at Cagbalete Island (special thanks to our new found friends)
  • Pancit Peking - it's spicy and sweet, add some calamansi for a little kick of sour taste.
the Tamis-Anghang Pancit aka Pancit Peking
  • De Lata - hmm, for campers with little budget, canned goods are the best food they can have.

What I learned

statue of Gat. Uban at the seawall
  • Mauban town is named after Gat Uban, a hero that defended the town from the Moro invaders.
  • It is a crazy idea to leave your slippers by the shore while the tide is rising.
  • Tourism centers are extremely helpful.  


    Five-part series of my Mauban, Quezon Trip with college friends (May 20-22, 2011).


      1. I have to visit Cagbalete before this year ends. More travels! :)

      2. That uber wide stretch of beach is heaven! I miss Cagbalete. We were transported to the island in the evening, and it was so rainy. Since the boat didn't have a roof, we were given a "tolda" to cover ourselves. We looked like we're being human trafficked! I should blog about that someday. Lol.

      3. @ms.nel - go na! - wow, that's an interesting cagbalete experience..

      4. nakakainis, lalo ako nainggit! hmmp! haha next time, sabit ako sainu, tipid mode ako, puro short trips lng muna during weekends. galeng nung pagka-document mu. tkgang pinaghandaan. gusto ko maratong yung falls. pero aral muna ako ng long exposure. hihi

      5. Wow, a tipid trip! Can't wait for ours, sana tipid din! :)



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