Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rizal @ 150 | Luneta Reborn

Just in time with our national hero's 150th birthday, the National Parks Development Committee (NPDC) is doing all the major make over around Manila's Rizal Park.

"Despite the lack of funds and related challenges, there have been many changes and additions to the Park." - NPDC

Last May 7, 2011, NPDC invited us in a press release of their current development of the renewed and revived Rizal Park. We had a tour around the park, and I was really surprised with the BIG changes.

Thomas, our tram ride for the day.
Mr. Fred Edos of NPDC, explaining to us their plan on the relief map

Children's Playground

Far different from its original dull-colored state, the improved Children's Play Ground is now more inviting. The now child-loving colors of play ground will definitely trap the children inside.

Relief Map of the Philippines

There's also an ongoing major renovation of  the 99.9% accurate relief map of the Philippines found along Taft Avenue. The "LUZVIMINDA Boardwalk" that will run across the map is under construction and on the walkway on both sides will be restaurants with "al fresco" setting of the Philippine and International cuisine.

Also, NPDC has come up with a new "One Stop" Heritage Trail around the relief map.

"A trail that would serve as an overview of all heritage sites in the country with relevance to Dr. Jose Rizal" - NPDC.

Other Completed, On Going and Future Projects

The Musical Dancing Fountain on the Central Lagoon.

The rehabilitation/improvement of the Rizal Park Marker along Taft Avenue.

The rehabilitation/improvement of the Rizal Park Public Comfort Rooms.

The new Noli Me Tangere Gardens, where the historic Heidelburg fountain will be placed.

Installation of Murals by painter-sculptor Jose Datuin.

Reviving the Flower Clock.

Thanks to NPDC's goal, the former glory of Rizal Park is now again on sight.  

Ms. Juliet Villegas, Executive Director of NPDC, 


  1. will you be there on fri? There will be a media launch ....

  2. I like this. I still remember the Flower Clock. I feel guilty I have not been to Luneta for decades. Would head back as soon as the boardwalk and those restos are there. Tweet me about it, Ivan!

  3. @chinchan,, I cant.. hehe may lakwatsa ako sa Quezon..

    @tita lil, baka daw po matapos nila lahat yan by june 19.. para sabay sa Rizal@150

  4. Wooot! Can't wait to see the revived Rizal Park! Mabuti naman at ang flower clock ay irerestore. Nung nagpapasyal kami sa Luneta when I was a kid, hindi pwedeng hindi ako idadaan dyan ng parents ko, then ang gagawin ko isisigaw ko yung reading ko ng time :)

  5. sir Angel, punta ka sa June 12.. tapos na ata yun sa independence day.

  6. I like!!, pati ang restroom namake-over din,

  7. na-pressure naman ako my post na si bagets. =)

    btw, I like your Cagabalete pic, kelan ka nagpunta? sana sumabit ako. hehe

  8. @ms claire, sosyal diba. haha

    @ms gael, hihi nilagay ko lang nmn din kung ano yung nasa folder. hehe

  9. interesting to see the new Luneta for the 150th birthday celebration of Dr. Jose Rizal!..

  10. magaling. Ang laki ng pinagbago ng luneta.
    thanks for sharing this. tumambling dito galing kay Ms.Gael.

  11. wow sana mabisita ko ulit yang luneta park soon.. =)

  12. thanks for this info...mabisita nga ulit ang lugar na 2:)



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