Friday, June 24, 2011

Viaje Western Pangasinan | Trip to Bolinao and Alaminos

I had my last minute trip at Bolinao-Alaminos, Pangasinan last June 2-4. It was a dream come true, I finally reached the Hundred Islands National Park, yahoo! This is the preview post of my Viaje Western Pangasinan Series, a three-day trip full of adventures.

Road trip at Bolinao

What we did
  • Visited the Church of Bolinao (aka St. James the Great Parish)
  • Waterfalls hopping: Bolinao Falls 1 and Bolinao Falls 2
  • Explored the Wonderful cave
  • Photoshoot at Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
  • Beach bumming and sunset viewing at Patar beach
Where we stayed
  • We stayed at Villa Carollina at Brgy. Ilog Malino
What we ate
  •  Binungey - a sweetened sticky rice placed in a bamboo
What I learned
  • The cleanest river in Luzon is located at Bolinao, the Balingasay River
  • Sunset in Bolinao is very astonishing

Boat trip at Alaminos

What we did
  • Island hopping at Hundred Islands National Park
  • Spelunking at 7 different caves
  • Snorkeling at Coral Garden
  • Jumped at Imelda Cave
  • Sunset viewing at Cuenco Island
  • Souvenir shopping at Lucap wharf
Where we stayed
  • In a transient house at Brgy. Lucap
What we ate
  • Alaminos Longanisa
What I learned
  • If you're in group, renting a transient house is a wiser choice
  • Snorkeling with a lot of jellyfishes is a bad idea
  • Fish being dried under the sun is found everywhere in Lucap
  • Arrive early in Quezon Island if you want to experience kayaking
  • Sunset in Alaminos is also great


  1. Bakit parang na inggit ako.. hehehe...
    Thanks sa Share...

  2. Hi, May contact no k p b s Villa Carolina? gusto kc naming pumunta s bolinao..please advise, tnx

  3. hello anonymous, visit their site here: all the info you'll need are posted there.

  4. That's an action packed itinerary in just a few days! Great job guys. I haven't been to Hundred Islands. Boo. Haha!



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