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Viaje Mauban | Mauban Town

Day 2 - May 21, 2011 | Explore the Town of Mauban

It was around 5 before evening when we reached again the town of Mauban. We were still tired from the long trek we just had so we headed straight to our lodging. We stayed at Fiesta Royale Apartelle (our stay there was sponsored by Jonas' father).
| Fiesta Royale Apartelle is a very nice place, perfect for budget travelers. Located several meters from the Maapon bridge, 1km from the town center. They have airconditioned rooms and a suite too. 
this is the Fiesta Royale Apartelle

After we settled our things, we proceeded to the town of Mauban.

Refreshment, that's what we needed, perhaps a glass of halohalo will somehow freshen us up. Just before 6 PM, we reached Pagoda sa Bayan Restaurant where we ate our halohalo. Also, we were quite hungry na so I treated everyone with a pansit called Peking aka Tamis Anghang Pansit.

"Pinag-lihi ka ba sa gamogamo?" the question I asked to Jonas after he insisted that we must see the lights of Mauban Power Plant. According to Jonas, the lights of Mauban Power Plant was really spectacular, so pleasant to look at. Curious and still adventure-seeking, we rode a trike for P100.00 to reach the Bulwagin beach where we could have a perfect view of this not so ordinary scene.

Indeed, the lights are amazing. It was my first time to see such a not-so-ordinary scene (it is very seldom for a provincial town to have a very well-lighted place).

By 7:30 pm, we had our dinner at Jonas' relatives before we headed back to Fiesta Royale to finally rest in a comfy bed.

the four of us at Fiesta Royale

Day 3 - May 22, 2011 | Explore More the Town of Mauban

I woke up very early at 4:30. I was eager to go to Cogonan Hill to watch the sunrise but my friends were still snoring by that time so I just slept again. Unfortunately, it was already 6:00 am when I woke up again and the sun was shining bright already.
| Mauban town's Coganan Hill is like a pastureland where cattle and sheep graze. It is named after the Cogon (grass) because of its abundance. The view of the whole Mauban port town from here is perfect.   
the Cogonan Hill seen from the Port of Mauban
the Port of Mauban seen from the Cogonan hill
the Town of Mauban
There's no more sunrise by 6:30 am, but we still went up on top of the hill though. The trike dropped us near the town's cemetery and an INC church. From there, we traversed a local community, then through a grassy hill (approximately 10 minutes walk). The view from the top was really amazing.

We followed again the trail back to the ground and we walked towards the seawall to wait for our new found friends from Cagbalete (we have to return to them their slippers).

It was around 8:00 when their boat arrived, we saw doctors Fe and Cristy in no time, we gave them back their slippers and finally bid them our goodbye.

the boat from Cagbalete
the statue of Gat. Uban at the seawall

The other places we visited were the Rizal Hill Park and the Church of Mauban.

unfortunately, it was closed when we got there
the Church of Mauban
inside the Church

By 11 before noon, we went back to our lodging to eat lunch and prepare ourselves from our 6 hour road trip back to Manila. Finally, we were back in Manila by 7 pm.


Five-part series of my Mauban, Quezon Trip with college friends (May 20-22, 2011).
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