Friday, June 24, 2011

Viaje Western Pangasinan | Not So Ordinary Six Hour Trip

It was a chilling morning in the middle of a long road trip to Bolinao, Pangasinan. Seated beside the window of a Five Star Ordinary Bus, the gusts of wind (constantly striking my face) kept me awake for the past 4 hours. Ecstatic and excited, I together with my BFF's from high school were about to experience Bolinao and Alaminos. 

Day 1 - June 2, 2011 | Ordinary bus to Bolinao

It all started in Cubao Five Star Terminal, midnight. We were expecting an airconditioned bus that would ply directly to Bolinao, Pangasinan. We did not reserve our trip because they're not catering any reservations, everyone in the terminal was a walk-in passenger. We patiently waited but there's still no bus going to Bolinao, Five Star's buses that ply directly to Bolinao do not go well with the schedule.

at the bus terminal in Cubao

Finally after 2 hours, our airconditioned bus arrived. I quickly jumped into the ordinary bus (wala nang oras para maging choosy), I was desperate of getting into Bolinao soon. We're all disappointed but inside me, I'm still very happy (woot, cheaper fare).

The following are the bus lines that have trips direct to Bolinao. The fare plays at P300+ if ordinary (ours was P342.00 each) and P400+ if airconditioned.
  Cubao Terminal
  421-4716 to 17 , 911-7359
  Cubao Terminal
  727-4688, 410-8986, 727-4534

Minutes turned into hours, I was not able to catch a good sleep while on the road trip. The wind that blows from the window was freezing cold (super, talo pa ang aircon). It was already 5 in the morning, the sun was about to rise, I then saw from my window a field of mango trees blurred by the early morning mist.

misty field of mango trees
Another great and familiar scene from my window is a rice field with a mountain backdrop (familiar siya kasi ganitong scene ang favorite ko i-drawing when I was in kindergarten).

who's not familiar in a scene like this
Above all, the scene of sunrise in Pangasinan was my favorite.

I'm a fan of sunrise and sunset scenes
We reached Bolinao after six long hours, 7:00 am. Read my Bolinao experience here.


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