Sunday, March 27, 2011

Food Trip | Heavy Burgers @ Zark's


I think until now, I am still busog from that big stuff I ate yesterday. It's a big burger called "Stone cold stunner", and indeed it stunned me. I am certainly not a food blogger (but I'm starting to sound like one)....

Finding this hidden burger house was not easy by the way, Zark's is located at Taft Avenue in front of De La Salle University in Manila. If you see Yellow Cab, and went upstairs on a steel staircase then you're on the right track. The place is comfortable, nothing so special. On the walls are pictures of the green archers. You will see on the counter naman, the pictures of the people who completed the 5 min challenge (i'll tell more about this later).

Zark's @ Taft
Certainly it's huge and it's great
the Pampalasa family

Here's their menu... I think the owner loves watching WWE, you can see on their burgers' name why.

Menu taken from their site
My order:
Stone Cold Stunner - double bacon cheeseburger in a bed of fresh lettuce, tomato, mushroom, and caramelized onion. served with hand-cut potatoe fries and iced tea. P185


My friends' order:
Three Pointer - burger with three kinds of cheese (mozzarella, cheddar and cheese sauce) also with tomato, lettuce and caramelized burger. served with hand-cut potatoe fries and iced tea. P125


American All Star - classic bacon cheeseburger. P120


The next thing we did, devouring the burgers. Warning!: Not for people with hypertension.

us @ Zark's

So I grabbed my burger, trying to eat it with my bare hands. Fist bite, yeah it's good. Second bite: ooh, the onion is falling. Third bite: tomatoes are falling too. The fillings and the heavy patty were dropping into my plate. I certainly am not an expert burger eater. So I used na lang the fork and the knife, turning the burger into a salad.

my burger, is this a burger?

My friends were almost done with their burgers, but I was still half way through (at sa totoo lang, I was full already). Buti na lang I did not try their burger challenge.

The Challenge: Eat their jaw breaking Jaw Breaker burger, triple cheeseburger with spam, bacon and overflowing cheese sauce on top, in just 5 MINUTES, yup just 5 minutes. If you succeed then you'll get the burger for free, plus your face will be displayed on their wall of fame. According to them the odds are: almost 400 took the challenge, only 30 survived! less than 10% chance of winning.

Jaw Breaker. Photo taken from their site
The Wall of Fame
My friends were done already, but I still have 1/4 burger na mukhang salad left on my plate and I don't think I can finish it anymore.

picky eater
I-eat-everything eater
definitely-hates-veggies eater
my food. can't-eat-anymore eater
The taste: hmm... if you'll ask me, I would say that it is great, super tummy filling but it is not the type of burger na hahanap-hanapin mo. Waahhh, hinahanap-hanap ko na siya uli.

great day at Zark's. visit their facebook page:



  1. The burgers here are great! Not that I could finish them in record time, but juicy and tasty indeed.

    My only qualm, which is as big as their burgers, is that they don't have exhaust fan. You stink of food when you go out!

  2. kaya pala it sounds familiar, araw araw ng buhay ko yan nadadaanan =)

    too bad, i DONT eat burgers. abnormal ako i know!

  3. thanks for posting the menu, may napili na ako, yung jaw breaker burger hahaha, now i need to find someone to share it with :)

  4. iban! testing lang... -wih



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