Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Feast of the Black Nazarene 2012

"Is it fanaticism or devotion?" - a debatable issue that arises everytime the procession of the Black Nazarene takes place at the heart of Manila.

For the second time, I witnessed one of our countries biggest, most celebrated events taking place every 9th of January. But unlike before, this year's procession took almost a full day before it reached its destination in Quiapo Church. The procession started around 8am and finished by 6am the following day (a total of 22 hours). It is so for the longest and largest procession on the history of Feast of the Black Nazarene.

With me are fellow travel bloggers, Ian and Chino, both are first timers in covering the procession. I told them that if we meet by 8am at Lawton and stationed at one of the roofs of the underpass, we will be witnessing the procession at around 12 noon just like last year. But I was wrong, hours had passed and there's still no sign of the Black Nazarene's carosa. The wheels of the carosa got broken and the rope was snapped on one part of the procession. Cellphone signals were also down on the entire route of the procession for safety reasons.

Blogger friends Ian and Chino
We're really unprepared of the unexpected length of the procession, we were baked by the heat of the midday sun, we were deafened by our growling stomachs and we were weakened by our uncomfortable positions on the roof of the underpass.

our lunch for the day
Then by 6pm, photographers' most feared moment came in - darkness of the night. We can see the carosa by this time but it was stuck in front of the Manila City Hall. It still took an hour before the image of the Black Nazarene finally came before us in Lawton area.

the men pulling the rope
the carosa of the Black Nazarene.
We went home as soon as the Black Nazarene passed by before us. I've heard on the news the next day that the image of the Black Nazarene entered Quiapo Church at around 6am, making this year's procession the longest in history.

Read here my last year's experience at the Feast of the Black Nazarene.



  1. I remember asking kuya ( the 3rd photo) Pano ka umakyat dyan? Thanks to the tree beside him. It was a memorable experience. I believed you when you said the kilabot factor will happen once the statue of Black Nazarene appears. I felt that when i saw people waving their towels and starting to move in front of us. nakakapanindig balahibo nga talaga.

  2. those people devotion is very commendable. di ko yata kaya makisabayan jan. i'll be a spectator rather than a joining the crowd.

    buti ka pa ivan, u live in Manila. daming pwede mapuntahan jan mismo, pumunta ka pa sa north, south, east at west.

  3. great pics, if not for my work I've joined you too. Amazing sight of a human wave driven by their own faith.

  4. astig! never pa ko'ng nakapunta sa feast ng Nazareno

  5. kayo pala yong nasa bubungan ng underpass, masarap yong boko pie, sabi pa nga nong manong ibabalik daw yong sampung piso pag di masarap.

  6. @Chino, tara ulit next year. haha
    @June, visit na next year..
    @Joni, salamats
    @Marky, sayang nga namn.. 5 or 6 yrs pa ang lilipas bago matapat sa weekend ang Nazareno
    @Bino, kung alam mo lang ang feeling. nakapapangilabot.
    @venjo,wow narecognize mo pa kami.. umakyat ka din ba sa bubong? sino ka dun?

  7. buwis buhay devotion.

    got the chance to pass roxas blvd that day at kinilabutan ako sa dami ng devotees. grabe, everyone is prepared to any risk, mahawakan lang yung Poon.

  8. grabe almost 12 hours kayo sa bubong... nakakakilabot talaga ang mga ganyang pagkakataon...

  9. grabe paghihintay nyo ah. lagi na lang natataon na out of town ako tuwing pyesta ng quiapo, malas.

  10. Gusto ko rin ma-add to sa manila experience ko. Although, nakakatakot dahil sa dami ng tao at bomb threats. :)

  11. You embodies the spirit of real blogger. Going the extra mile in topics attached to Filipino faith and culture. Hope to read more of your content.


  12. barakong barako ang devotion nyo ah. thanks for sharing, it's enlivening.

    from biteful dash from Albay. :)

  13. I'll make sure to experience this next year.

    Pero experience it on the sidelines lang. Di keri ng beauty ko ang ganyang pakikipag-sapalaran. Hahaha.



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