Monday, January 23, 2012

3 in 1 Lakwatsa sa Ikalawang Dekada

TEEN NO MORE - Batang Lakwatsero just turned 20 last Saturday, and to celebrate this two decades of existence, he organized a 2D1N trip to Zambales. This trip included three of Batang Lakwatsero's favorite destinations - Mountain, Beach and Lighthouse - hence, he calls it "3 in 1 Lakwatsa sa Ikalawang Dekada"

It was only last January 16, 2012 when I cooked this 2D1N Itinerary. Since I've been wanting to celebrate my 20th birthday either on a mountain, on a beach or in a lighthouse, I came up with an itinerary that includes all the three. Mt. Pundaquit traverse to Anawangin Cove-Nagsasa Cove-Capones Island in Zambales (thanks to Mam Agnes for suggesting this trip).

I rushed and completed the itinerary in 3 hours, thanks to Lakwatsero and Pinoy Mountaineer, then I posted an open invite in my facebook page. Seven travelers responded and joined me in this trip.

The Mountain: Mt. Pundaquit Traverse to Anawangin

For most tourists who wish to visit the coves of Zambales, hiring a boat in Brgy. Pundaquit is the usual way. But since we're not part of that "most tourists" and we all want a little twist in this trip, we chose the trail of the mountaineers.

1 hour trek on lahar field
on the trail to the summit
The trek took 5 hours, it wasn't really that hard compare to my preview climbs but my fellow travelers aren't that used to climbing, in fact two of them are first timers. Everyone was tired upon reaching the summit but the awesome view of the whole Anawangin Cove from that spot would make you forget all the hardships of the ascent.

view on the summit: Anawangin Cove in the middle
*detailed post here.

The Beach: Nagsasa Cove

The fast growing popularity of Anawangin Cove has drawn the attention of many local tourists. And just like what I've read online, tourists flocked in Anawangin, tents and hammocks left no more space in the camping area of the cove when we got there. I was already expecting this so I put Nagsasa Cove in our itinerary as our beach destination. 

we arrived in Nagsasa Cove just before the sun sets
Nagsasa Cove is another less popular cove in Zambales, yet it has a wider beach and for me, has a better mountain backdrop. Just like every cove in Zambales, there is no inn or hotel in the place, camping is the only option when staying in Nagsasa.

Putting up the tent, tying the hammocks, starting up a fire for the cooking, eating together and stargazing while laying on the sand are a few of the best experiences that this cove can offer.

*detailed post coming soon

The Lighthouse: Faro de Punta Capones
To complete our Zambales weekend/birthday getaway, we headed to Capones Island to view up close the old Spanish Era Lighthouse, Faro de Punta Capones.

Capones Island
Getting into this island is not an easy task, either you will swim or you will trek, depending on where the boat will dock.. We chose swim and indeed we swam to the rocky coast  while being beaten by strong currents of the sea.

Capones Lighthouse
The lighthouse, though its lantern is still functional and in good condition, its keeper's house lies in ruins. Capones Lighthouse has a mystical charm that will surely put a smile to tourists who love antiquity and heritage.

*detailed post coming soon

Overall, my weekend birthday trip to Mt. Pundaquit-Nagsasa-Capones is the best, most unforgettable birthday trip to date. Thanks to all my friends who joined me in this trip.


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  1. Hi Batang Lakwatsero. We're planning to do DIY trip soon to this itinerary. 2D 1N is enough right?

  2. Glad we were part of your awesome 20th birthday celebration! Sosyal! :D

  3. I wish you a happy birthday. See you again soon.

  4. Happy birthday! I just celebrated mine too this weekend in Dumaguete. Cheers!

  5. @Paula O, I'll pm you for the details of our trip..

    @Cai, thanks ulit Cai.. I'm so glad na sinamahan nyo ako sa aking kaarawan

    @chino, salamat. hehe kitakits sa sunod na lakwatsa.

    @pinoywanderingboy, then happy birthday to you too

  6. Wow nice trip! di ko alam ang open trip na toh ah... ahihi! Kelan ang bday mo tapos na ba? Happy Birthday!

    1. thanks.. last sat pa ako nagbertday. hndi mo ata nabasa yung invite ko,, sa FB ko lang yun pinost at sa twitter.

  7. I am now a fan on your FB - ayan di ko na ma-mimiss announcement mo. haha!

  8. thanks Ivan for inviting us.... really memorable for me..... Happy birthday ulit! hehehehehe

  9. Hi lakwatsero.were planning to do a DIY trip to Zambales.Can you give us some tips and IT as well?thank you!=))..Happy birthday

    1. please send me an email so i can post there the complete IT and budget of our trip.

  10. I'm so thankful na nakasama ako dyan sa bonggang bonggang birthday bash mo!!

  11. WOW! I am glad I discovered your wonderful post regarding those places you traveled. Hopefully I will travel also in those places. Thank you.


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