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Mt. Daguldol | Side Trips to Naambon Falls and Laiya Beach

Day 2 - December 29, 2011

Here we go again, we started to descend at 8:30 AM on the same trail that we trekked yesterday. But because of the brief 10 minute drizzle that quickly followed the early morning fog, the muddy trail that we traversed yesterday became even soggier. Our feet had no choice but to dip again on the mud.

one last group photo before leaving the summit.

We met horses along the way, they were heading to the the summit area probably to graze on the grass. I wonder how the other campers we left on the camp site treated their guest, haha.

We just walked and walked over the mud, the rocks and buttresses of the trees. Goats, horseas and cows were also met along the trail. We were walking not against the gravity and my bag was now lighter, the descent was way much easier.

cows blocking our way

Around 10:30 AM, we were now on Mang Lizardo's place (half-way of the trek). We deserve another bottle of ice cold softdrinks. We again rested for about 5 minutes before we resumed our descent.

sariling sikap shot
ants trail

The trek continued until we reached the trail to Naambon Falls

Naambon Falls

We just trekked for 5 minutes from the Mt. Daguldol trail to this scenic waterfalls. The waters cascading gracefully from the top created three dramatic waterfalls. The highest (about 20 feet high) is located on top and the other two at the lower part. 

the trail to Naambon Falls
the three falls of Naambon Falls
I climbed up the rocks (be careful, the rocks are slippery) to get a full view of the highest falls. I was welcomed by a number of species of dragonflies and damselflies when I reached the site. It's really amazing, although there is no pool below the highest falls, just rocks and boulders.

the highest falls
The pools are located at the lower falls so we stayed there to bathe and freshen up ourselves.

the lower falls
feeling the power of the falls
group shot at the falls
We only stayed for a short time, after an hour we bid our goodbye to this beautiful landscape.

Laiya Beach

We continued the trek at 12 noon, and in less than 40 minutes we reached the ground, yehey! We're a bit lost in the maze of houses at Sito Biga, we forgot the way to the beach. We just asked the people around and just walked continuously until we finally reached the rocky shoreline of Laiya beach.

BTW, thanks to this umbrella, it served as my walking stick, sun shield, and tripod

Smooth stones and corals, and some patches of not-so-fine sand and massive rock formations - that's Laiya Beach. The water is really inviting so we bathed again for some time.  

coral debris at Laiya Beach
jump shot
Along the beach, we found a resort secluded from the other beach resorts of Laiya. Paraiso Beach Resort offered us their shower for P30.00 per head.


   Paraiso Beach Resort 
   Laiya Beach, Sitio Biga, Brgy. Hugom, San Juan, Batangas
   Lerma: 09184159494

Thanks to Ate Lerma, by 2:40 PM, we're feeling fresh and ready to trek back to Brgy. Hugom.

trekking again
one more group shot at Laiya Beach Rock Formations
beach front of La Luz Beach Resort

We had our late lunch again at the same place we dined yesterday. Surprisingly, they still have the same adobo meals they were serving the last time we were there. We had no choice but to eat what was served on the table (P40/meal).

We asked the people there how to commute back to bayan of San Juan and they all gave the right direction. We rode a tricycle (P20/head) to Sitio Balakbakan were the San Juan-Laiya jeeps are stationed. We still waited for about half an hour because the trips are scheduled. By 4:45 PM we left for the bayan of San Juan, fare was only P35.

There were no more buses at that time that will travel direct to Manila, so we boarded the jeep bound for Lipa City. It took us almost 2 hours to reach the bus terminal at Lipa, fare was P50.   

Before we boarded the bus bound for Manila, we had a Special Lomi (na hindi naman lasang special) at a Lomi house just beside the terminal. We boarded the bus as soon as we finished our heavy but so-so lomi.

the Special Lomi with not-so-special taste
And by 8:30 PM, our bus bound for LRT/Buendia left Lipa City. I reached home, safe but dead tired, at 11:00 PM.

Batang Lakwatsero survived his first mountain! Thanks to my company for making my year end trip a memorable one.


Mt. Daguldol Climb (2D1N, December 28-29, 2011)
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Climb Itinerary



  1. Sayang di kami nakapagsidetrip sa Naambon Falls when we climbed Mt. Daguldol years ago. Looks pretty. Ugh, natakam ako sa lomi. Haha.

  2. Wishing I have the strength to brave that mountain! Nice climb! I've been to Laiya and that picture of Naambon si really refreshing!

  3. Hi,

    Curious lang ako kung ano dapat dalhin pag nagmountain climbing? Haven't done it yet but I might try this year. Thanks!

  4. @Ms Gay, sayang, maganda nga sa naambon.

    @ms Joy, you should give it a try this year.. it's something different, nakaka fulfill.

    @PWB, try mo na din.. masaya! perstaym ko lang umakyat kaya hndi ko msyadong alam, pero ang mahalagang dalhin ay tubig, trekking footwear, extra clothes..

  5. Halata naman na you really enjoyed your first climb, Ivan. Way to goooo!

  6. You had a fun time in your first climb! Next time I'm sure it will be more fun with the experience you gained. Happy climbing.

  7. looks fun! i hope i can go there as well someday!

  8. Congrats sa first climb mo. first climb ko kasi nung super late na ako nakauwi ng bahay at di na ako makapasok sa gate. Dun lang ako nagclimb..

  9. @renz, syempre naman..
    @bert, hopfully
    @chris, tara climb tayo!
    @chino, adik ka. wahaha

  10. Parang kasya si Brenna dun sa orange bag ng isa mong friend.

  11. it's really rewarding when there's a falls or a beach after a trek. saya pala ng una mong climb. anong "una" na ang susunod?

  12. magandang araw po balak po namin umakyat this holy week meron po kaya kayong contak para po may guide po kami taga quezon province po ako thank you

  13. hi Lorenzo, wala akong nakuhan number ng guide e, pero kahit hndi nyo na kontakin ang mga guides, pumunta lang kayo sa Brgy Hall ng Brgy. Hugom, tanongin nyo kung saan magpaparegister, then magbabayad lang kayo ng 350, meron nang mga guide dun.

  14. hello, sa shoreline ng laiya beach, is there any payment pa ba? thanks!

    1. yung bandang malapit sa community, wala naman bayad.

  15. sayang MT. Daguldol ung first mountain na naakyat ko.. unfortunatelt, i have no pictures of it! (dahil sa fog!) and we did not know about Naambon falls yet. thanks for this blog :)

  16. sayang MT. Daguldol ung first mountain na naakyat ko.. unfortunatelt, i have no pictures of it! (dahil sa fog!) and we did not know about Naambon falls yet. thanks for this blog :)

  17. i hope i can go back there! we did not know about Naambon falls yet, sayang! thanks for this blog! :)



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