Friday, September 2, 2011

An Unforgettable Strange Encounter

"You Filipinos are very 'rocky' people, because you have a president who 'robs' you and a first lady who 'robs' you more"  - Ninoy Aquino
I never considered the Marcos regime a great one. A dictatorship filled with human rights suppression and immoral plunder of the nation's wealth is a big no no to me. For some, Marcos brought greatness to the country. But for me, he was a president who did dirty tricks just to attain his disciplined and progressive nation, the end simply does not justify the means.

It was 15th of April 2010 when I had this unforgettable strange encounter. 

The Setting: Dusk, in a carinderia. The Old Paoay Church at the backdrop

I was busy chatting with my friends about our recent awesome experience in a calesa tour around old town Vigan. We were in a carinderia, devouring religiously our miki-espesyal when all of a sudden, a man shouted a name that seemed so familiar. A name that is synonymous to gorgeousness, luxury and shoes. 

"Si Imelda!," the man continuously shouted.

"Imelda who?" I asked myself.

So I turned my eyes towards the crowding public, I saw a beautiful lady in blue surrounded by men in barong, she's exceptionally clean and can really make a man fall into his knees. 

"Oh my God, it's Imelda Marcos!!!," I screamed with great astonishment.

I wasted no time, grabbed my camera, ran towards the crowd and had a picture with her. When I posed beside her, my olfactory nerves sensed her heavenly fragrance as if I am sniffing a flowerbed of roses. I couldn't believe I was standing beside her, as if a spell was cast before my eyes, certainly, I was mesmerized by her enchanting and immortal charisma.

She even talked to me.

"Are you voters already?", she asked.

"Yes, but we're from Manila," I replied, "perhaps I'll be voting for Bongbong, good luck ma'am."

She waved her hands gracefully while bidding adieu, got inside her van and finally left the place.

When she's gone, I started to question myself, "what was that? isn't she the widow of the former dictator? why am I so like that awhile ago?"

I never imagined this encounter would actually happen, and never more imagined that a not-a-fan-of-Marcos kid like me would be charmed by Mrs. Marcos. She's definitely the one and only Imelda Marcos, the charismatic widow of the former dictator. This strange encounter with the former first lady is truly unforgettable.

Who is Imelda Marcos?

• She's the former first lady of the Philippines, widow of Apong Macoy (Pres. Ferdinand Marcos)
• Owner of the "Imeldific" shoe collection, composed of more than a thousand pairs of footwear
• The "Muse of Manila"
• A talented singer.
• She is the first and only governor of Manila from 1976-1986
• She's the diplomatic weapon of Apong Macoy

Some rumors about the former first lady

• She's crooked
• She had a fling with the former Manila Mayor Arsenio Lacson
• The mastermind behind the Aquino assassination

* I don't mean to hurt anyone's feeling, some infos written here are just my opinion. 


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  1. That moment! Grabe lang, sobrang na-starstruck ako. -wih

  2. What, Ivan, no hat? :P

    Great post - awesome build up sa story, great narrative -- nakakabitin lang - may part 2 ba? I think you have a lot more kwento in you -- yuou're just being diplomatic. hehehe

  3. You are not alone, Ivan! You guys will forgive me too for my love-hate relationship with the grand old dame. I'm telling ya, she's charismatic.

    Nice blog, Ivan!

  4. I remember Jessica Zafra writing about her experience with Imelda, though she said not being a fan of Imelda by a thousand miles, when she bumped into her inside a department store she was captivated and was starstruck. Soon, next thing she know she was helping Imeldific choose what bags to buy lol.

  5. an unforgettable and strange encounter, indeed! i saw her in person too in some event that i attended a couple of years ago. i was mezmerized. funny, i just remembered now how i felt that time. so different and lame from the experience i had when i met PGMA in person 2 years ago. LOL

  6. imeldiffic indeed!

  7. eto daw ang chismis:

    when she joined the Ms. Manila Pageant, her mind was set to be crowned. Until a certain Cristina Galang stole it from her. Thank you girl si ate ngayon. So she fought for it and went straight to the then Manila mayor Arsenio Lacson. the following morning Imelda was on the front cover of a magazine giving her the crown "muse of manila" ... nine months later imelda gave birth to a girl who now is a screaming carbon copy of mayor lacson, let's just call her Imee!

  8. Ron, haha.. I know that chismis too.. learnt it from Carlos Celdran in one of his La Vida Imelda Tour.

  9. I got a glimpse of her one time.Truly the experience of seeing her, one of the most famus ladies in our country's history, is interesting ,unforgettable, and "Imeldific". It is said that at a young age one of Madame Imelda's dreams is to be a tourist,fortune granted that particular dream. Nice post Ivan.

  10. Nice photo op with Mrs. Marcos!

  11. wow! nice encounter! indeed we easily got mesmerized by a famous persona and tend to forget the deeds that have been done.

  12. classic talaga si imelda. how can we forget her signature clothes? hehe

  13. Astig at ang swerte mo! Hindi ko pa nakikita si Imelda Marcos ng personal. :)

  14. Yay. Nice entry Sir.
    I agree with the comments above, iba talaga pag classic.

  15. timing pala at nandun siya nung punta niyo.

  16. Abaaaaaaaaaa! Imeldific experience!!!

  17. If you were there at hindi na there.. what would you do? hehe

  18. Ahhhh simply.... Imeldific experience.....



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