Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Month Before Banaue-Batad-Sagada + Baguio Trip

Exactly 30 days from now, I will be on the road again. One month to go before my Great "Banaue-Batad-Sagada + Baguio" Lakwatsa. I can't wait to finally explore the land of the Ifugaos and Sagadians (wooot!!! I'm really excited with this trip, been doing a countdown since August).

I actually formulated a checklist for this trip...
• Rice Terraces of Banaue, Batad and Sagada
• Tappia Falls
• Bomod-ok Falls
• Sumaguing and Lumiang cave
• Hanging coffins of Echo Valley
• Kiltepan sunrise
• Panag-apoy rituals
• wear a native Ifugao costume
• chew a nga-nga
• photo of rice terraces with P20 bill
• topload on the road
• touch a giant earthworm
• eat a pinikpikan
• eat at Yogurt House
• buy a weaved cloth

This will happen on Oct. 28 to Nov. 2 plus one day extension for Baguio city tour. Grabe, 1 week pala ako gagala.

UPDATE (10/3/11): Batad-Banaue leg of this trip is cancelled due to the destruction of the road and bridges to Banaue brought by the two recent strong tropical storms. nakakalungkot! Sagada-Baguio na lang ang trip na ito.



  1. wow! you will definitely enjoy Sagada! have fun and ingat :)

  2. I know your inspiration for this. Ate Chyng, right? Yeah she is. I read one of your comment in her blog a long long time ago. LOL.

    Anyway, good luck and take care. Next year pa Sagada-Batad trip ko.

    PS. Mag-isa ka lang?

    Keep us updated. :D

  3. hi hoobert. haha.. yes yes. she inspired me to do solo trips. gusto ko din sana solo sagada trip kaya lang may mga travel bloggers na gustong sumabay kaya ayun naging group trip..

  4. Mukhang madaming moolah panglakwatsa ah :) ingat sa mga lakad

  5. Travel safe po. Try mo rin isama sa list mo kung papaano sabihin sa language nila ung mga basic phrases like good morning. :)

  6. @Tripper & Zhian, thanks. sana lang talaga maganda ang weather sa araw na yan..

    @Claire, hehe katas ng paghihirap sa eskwela :))

  7. wwow andami mong pupuntahan.. good luck po and God Bless.. safe travels po!!

  8. add mo sa must-do: talk to foreginer backpackers. ask them what are the places that's included in their list sa backapacking philippines trip. =)

  9. Sagada's one of my fave places on Earth! It'll provide you heaps of memories too.

  10. Oh, I thought its a solo trip. But its okay, group trip is not that bad. At least, it's cheaper. And I think it's more fun. Pero mas exciting ang solo trip.

  11. Wow, that sounds like an epic trip! I don't know if it's still there, but the Log Cabin restaurant in Sagada had great food. You just have to reserve beforehand when you get there. Enjoy your trip! :)

  12. astig yung wear a native costume. abangan namin yan.

    you might want to include in your must do list riding a wooden ifugao bike. it will be fun.

  13. @chyng, haha baka mag-nosebleed ako pag nakipag usap ako sa foreigner. hehe, pero sige idadagdag ko yan.

    @dom, wooden ifugao bike? wow astig yun.. unfortunately hndi ako marunog mag-bike.

    @kara, yup, nabasa ko na din yung log cabin.. malakihan ang serving.. mukhang sulit yun.

  14. Don't forget to join a campfire at night at Sagada =)

  15. This will push through, Ivan! =)

  16. Hi! impossible pa rin ba pumunta ng Batad this month-end? :) im also planning almost same iti with yours. :)

  17. hi marj, sabi kasi nung kontak namin sira daw yung mga daanan, will take at least a month to repair.. kaya iniwan na namin yung Banaue-Batad leg ng trip namin.. pupunta na lang kami sa Sagada via Baguio. will spend 5 days there, maximizing what Sagada can offer.

  18. Sana ma push thru para makapagbasa ko uli about Sagada..and sana no more typhoon please. I am looking forward for the Must - Do's, mukang exciting lahat eh esp yung mga kakainin...

  19. Goodluck , im sure masaya sa Sagada. Dream destination ko din kasi yan.. Take a lot of photos ha. =)

  20. Hi, i texted sagada and batad tour guides, may nasirang bridge pero possible pa rin naman daw makapunta. :)

  21. malapit na!! are you excited na? hehehe sad that you won't be able to proceed to Sagada.. pero di bale. there are terraces, which you can visit even in Sagada. enjoy!



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