Monday, August 29, 2011

Aesthetic Experience - A Project in Humanities Class

"The aesthetic experience is often experienced as a pleasurable and desirable experience, an experience which gives life worth and meaning." - C. Leath

Just a few days ago, we were tasked to present a proposal for our project in humanities class. It is about our Aesthetic Experience - any pleasurable or memorable experience that gives fulfillment to our lives. I thought of nothing but my travel experiences, it's pleasurable, memorable and very much fulfilling.

So for the sake of sharing here is my Proposal Paper on Aesthetic Experience Project about my experience as a Traveler.


Ivan Cultura
BS Biology 4-1

Art Work Proposal - My Experience as a Traveler

During my childhood days, I used to watch travel shows, read travel magazines, and look into photos and postcards of scenic spots in the Philippines and in other parts of the world. I remember it perfectly and always say to myself that someday I will set foot into those places.

A dream turning into reality.  As I entered college, I became more independent, confident and passionate when it comes to traveling. One time, I was alone up on the walls of Intramuros while internalizing our previous lesson in Philippine History, a group of European backpackers (probably French because of their accent) asked me something about Manila, of course I bragged everything I know about my hometown, my beloved City of Manila. After a few minutes of promotions, history 101’s and direction queries, they left with smiles. I can’t stop smiling too when they left, there’s a feeling of fulfillment and curiosity at the same time. Yep, I was so curious on how they will conquer this giant city, will they survive the traffic, will they survive the suffocating pollution, will they survive “Bad Men of Manila” – these are the things I forgot to mention to them. Then an unknown feeling suddenly struck me, my childhood desire to travel grew drastically, by then I knew that the traveler in me was born (July 28, 2008). I then started exploring the Metro, focusing on places with historical and cultural values. I unfolded the stories behind the magnificent buildings of downtown Manila (Binondo and Quiapo) and the antiquity of the streets of Intramuros.

It was April 2010 when I experienced my very first travel without any parental guidance (I was with my high school friends), and the destination was Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. We were able to visit two UNESCO world heritage sites – Old Town Vigan and Paoay Church. We also explored the infamous Bangui Windmills and Pagudpud’s white sand beaches. It was indeed a great travel experience, something that is very unforgettable.

But one is not enough. After I conquered Ilocandia, I craved for more places to see, more faces to meet and more food to eat. My feet never grew tired of walking miles after miles, my fingers never grew tired of clicking the shutter of my camera, and my pocket… uhm, that one grew tired from time to time. My Ilocos trip was followed by a historical trip to Corregidor, my very first SOLO trip to the land of the morions in Marinduque, beach bumming in the hidden jewels of Quezon province, short visits in Malolos, Bulacan and Kawit, Cavite, and my most recent great lakwatsa at the Hundred Islands and Bolinao.

Join the celebration. I also experienced the fun of some Philippine fiestas. I have followed religiously the procession of the Black Nazarene, I have danced with the childless couples in Obando, I have tried wearing a mask of a morion in Moriones Festival, and I have tasted the colorful kiping of Pahiyas in Lucban. Truly, traveling the Philippines is more than addictive.

A well documented travel experience. I am very lucky that I was able to enter the so called “blogosphere” or the blogging community. Inspired by other travelers that I follow online, I created my own travel blog on November 2010. Its aim is to share all my travel experiences, travel photos and some travel guides that could somehow inspire others to travel as well.     

I am still a kid, eager and fresh to experience the bests and the worsts that life can offer. I am more than willing to learn new things as I move forward through this path I am taking. I am a traveler, an adventurist, a thrill seeker, a trekker, a spelunker, not a good swimmer but willing to learn, an inexperienced mountaineer, and a wannabe photographer. I left my ultimate dream (to be a medical doctor) because of this passion in traveling, will soon take up a master’s degree in Marine Biology – primary reason for this sudden change in career path is my lust for exploring the world underwater.

I am yet to dive to the deepest spot in the Philippines, I am yet to stand tall on top of Mt. Apo, I am yet to meet the Tarsier, Tamaraw and Philippine Eagle, I am yet to eat the weirdest food in my country, I am yet to run from Batanes to Tawi Tawi. My travel experience as of now is still at its infancy.


Happy Travels Everyone 
I ♥ Pilipinas


  1. malamang matutupad yung kagustuhan mong maging crew ng isang travel show. good luck sa project.

    pag nga naman nasimlluan mo nang bumyahe mahihirapan ka nang tumigil.

    kung bakante ka mamayang hapon may meet up sa harbour square ccp/picc area.

  2. this is nice kiddo, buti ka pa college pa lang nagawa mo na yan gusto mo.

  3. Humanities is one of my favorite subjects!Interesting post Ivan.

  4. Just dropped by......napapahanga mo ako, Ivan. Byahe tayo minsan, maski day trip Lang. Keep writing!

  5. Gee what nice travel blog...following you now! Hope you do the same at my food and lifestyle blog,
    Have a great one!



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