Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mt. Makiling | Quick Traverse Day Hike

It's been four months since I last climbed Mt. Makiling and I truly miss its trails. That's why, when I heard that the mountain is now open again, and since all my scheduled hike for March 2 were postponed, I came to a decision that I'll do a quick Mt. Makiling Traverse dayhike.


Saturday - March 2, 2013

Yes it was quick, just 4 hours from Sto. Tomas to Agila Base! Well, that's the good thing in solo hiking, you'll be able to maximize your speed.

When I alighted the bus in front of Sto. Tomas Market, I noticed that Mt. Makiling was clearly visible.
Time: 07:18 AM
I headed straight to Brgy. San Bartolome, registered and paid a fee of P20 then started my trek.
ime: 07:30 AM
The early parts of the trail was a bit overgrown (halatang hindi nadaanan ng matagal), nevertheless, it was still manageable. After about 30 minutes, I was already at the plantation area.
Time: 08:05 AM

I continued walking until I reached the part where Sipit and Palanggana trail converges.
Time: 08:28 AM
after almost an hour, I arrived at Melkas Campsite
Time: 09:22 AM
and it only took me 5 minutes to reach Haring Bato from the Melkas Campsite
Time: 09:28 AM
while assaulting Peak 3 via the roped segments, I spotted Mt. Banahaw
Time: 09:43 AM
I did not stop at Peak 3, upon reaching it I headed straight to Wild Boar trail. Somewhere there, I saw Peak 2 and Mt. Banahaw. It was wonderful because I know it's a very rare occurrence.
Time: 10:18 AM
It was so hot when I reached Peak 2, staying there for a long time would turn me into a "tuyo", so I carried on to UPLB
Time: 10:35 AM 
Just an hour later, I was already at the Agila Base
Time: 11:30 AM
I ran out of water during the traverse (I brought only 350ml H2O). Thank goodness there's a buko station at nursery.
Time: 12:09 PM
I ran the remaining 7 stations from the nursery and reached Station 1 after about 25 minutes
Time: 12:35 PM

My 5th Makiling Traverse (MakTrav) from Sto. Tomas to UPLB

I've been to Mt. Makiling a number of times, five times to be exact, but still the beautiful mountain has not failed to amaze me, as if every climb was my first.

 went back because I miss it badly
• This was a solo hike.
• I started at 7:30 AM, reached Agila Base at 11:30 AM, and finished at 12:35 PM (4 hours trek to Agila Base, 5 hours up to Station 1). It was my quickest MakTrav yet.
• I did not encounter a single limatik. Praise the weather I had.

• The confusing Melkas pink ribbons weren't there anymore.
• For the first time, I signed out at Station 1. Laging past 2 PM na kasi ako nakakarating dati sa Station 1kaya wala nang tao.
• 350 ml liquid and a Snicker Bar served me well in this MakTrav.
• Roughly, P250.00 was spent on this quick hike.
• Still haven't tried the Sipit Trail or a reverse traverse (UPLB-Sto.Tomas) on Makiling, really want to try it in the future.

I spotted these mountains on the trails of Mt. Makiling

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  1. Halimaw! Hike pa ba to o trail run na? Haha. Galing mo talaga. :)

  2. Ganda ng views! Inggit lang!!!

  3. Nice. Tried it twice, once in high school and the last one, a few years ago. Still magic.

  4. how much po ung budget?coming from manila

  5. Sir Ivan,

    As in open na po talaga Makiling traverse? tumawag po kasi ako sa Makiling tsaka sa UPLB kahapon, sabi sa akin close pa po... :(

  6. pwede ba may guide kapag first magpunta? thanks

  7. Grabe Idol.. da best ka! Lagi kong binibisita ang blog na to at hindi ako nagsasawang basahin (at tignan ang magagandang pics) nang paulit-ulit. :)

  8. I am going to visit this place on Friday but not the traverse. This post just made more excited to hike at Mt. Makiling!


  9. ahahaha Halimaw nga snicker bar at tubig, nakatsenelas kpa.. anyways ang ganda po ang weather and image quality!



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