Wednesday, February 9, 2011

LRT/MRT Fun Ride

Days from now, the Light Rail Transits and Metro Rail Transit will finally have its fare hike. There will be an addition of 10 pesos to the present fare (i.e. the 15 pesos fare from Santolan terminal station to Recto terminal station will now be 25 pesos). A total bad news for the commuters, however, there's a proposed student discount (oh yeah).

So before the hike is put in action, I made a fun ride on all these lines of rapid transit:

LRT Line 1 - the old and shaky
LRT Line 2 - the fast and smooth
MRT Line 3 - the all-time rush hour

Exactly 3:30 PM, I walked my way to Pureza Station (nearest from my place) of LRT 2. My plan was to have a round trip from Pureza Station to Recto Terminal, then from Recto to Santolan Terminal and back to Recto Terminal again. That would cost me x + y + z, where x = Pureza to Recto, y = Recto to Santolan, and z = Santolan to Recto, (12 pesos + 15 pesos + 15 pesos = 42 pesos). People were staring at me while I shoot at the train (medyo nakakahiya). When the train reached Recto Terminal Station, I quickly bought a ticket to Santolan at the vending machine, passed through the entrance control, and got into the train for another ride.

From Recto to Santolan, it was roughly 30 minutes. I saw nothing but people, buildings and people and some Rizal poetic lines. I quickly transferred to the other train without buying a ticket from Santolan to Recto. When I reached the Recto station again, the ticket I bought from the same station just won't let me pass. I told the guard about this and he told me to go to Passengers Assistance Office, who then asked me to pay 12 pesos. Note: round trips are not allowed on LRT. It's a ONE ticket ONE way policy.

I left LRT Line 2 and walked to Doroteo Jose Station of LRT Line 1 via a footbridge. I bought a ticket to EDSA for 15 pesos. It was my second time to ride this train and still it was shaky and old, there was no music either, you'll only hear the noise of the oxidized iron rails and the train itself. Note: be ready to be shaken.

There is another footbridge that connects LRT 1 EDSA station to MRT 3 Taft station.  I bought a ticket from Taft station to North station, which costs me 15 pesos. This train is not as big as the train of LRT Line 2, but a bit larger than Line 2's train. I like this train because of two things: the perfect view of the sunset and the trivia every station. The music here was good too, I never had a chance to sit though. People always crowd the train, "sardine can" moment, as if it was always on the rush hour every hour. Note: be cautious on your things.

The North station is connected to Trinoma Mall. One nice way to end a day tour is through window shopping.

I was just wondering if the proposed MRT 4 - running from Recto to Novaliches via España Blvd, Quezon Ave, and Commonwealth Ave - will someday level to these 3 existing rapid transit lines.



  1. Wait, if you boarded the LRT2 at Pureza station, why did you buy tickets at the various stations? Did you mean to leave the fare-controlled area?

    If you boarded at Pureza and crossed under without leaving the fare controlled area (exiting the turnstiles) at Recto, boarded the train to Santolan, crossed under at Santolan without leaving the fare control area, and going all the way to Recto and then finally exiting the turnstile there, you would have paid only 12 pesos. The turnstile only reads the station you entered and where you exited, i.e. Enter at Pureza, exit at Recto.

    You paid at least 4x as much as you needed to.

  2. First I bought a ticket Pureza-recto(P12)

    Then I made a mistake, I exited through the turnstiles. I should have crossed to the other side without exiting the turnstile.

    So I bought again a ticket, Recto-Sanolan(P15)

    When I reached santolan, I boarded the train back to recto without buying another ticket (Santolan-recto, P15)

    As I am about to exit recto station, I was not able to pass through the turnstile. I told the Passengers Assistance Officer that I just left something at Isetan so they asked me to pay P12 just to exit through the turnstile.

    To sum it all, I bought 3 tickets, 12+15+12.

  3. Cool! I was planning on doing something like this for my 50/25 project. :D

    Question though... akala ko bawal kumuha ng pictures sa LRT/MRT?

  4. yup yup. bawal tlga mag-picture sa mga stations lang ata, lalo na sa LRT Line 2. I can still remember (5 months ago), pinagalitan kami publicly sa Araneta-cubao station pinabura pa nila yung picture ko doon.

    pero syempre dahil maliit na point and shoot lang gamit ko, madaling kumuha ng patago. :)

  5. .pano po pumunta sa pureza galing sa caloocan ? and how much po each ticket ? thanks :)

  6. hi ian, if you're in monumento, you can ride LRT1 up to DJose Station.. from there walk your way to LRT2 at Recto Station and ride up to pureza station..

    tickets: Monumento to Djose - P15.00
    Recto to Pureza - P12.00

  7. hi po.. im louie from cebu.. 2nd time to travel to manila this feb23 so not really familiar, and haven't try LRT yet. i need to go to somewhere doroteo or recto LRT station from baclaran, does LRT has train every hour or wat? what ticket i will buy? it hurts to taxi all the way to phil ports authority huhuhu.. thank you for this post..

  8. hi ask ko lang po if paano pumunta ng lrt recto galing monumento? thankyou.



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