Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ivan Dy's Big Binondo Food Wok Map

After reading several blog posts regarding food trips in Binondo (Creative Dork's, Ivan Henares', Jiggy Aquino Cruz's, and Traveler on Foot's), I saw one commonality in their Binondo food trip aside from of course eating and being in Binondo. They're all guided by my tukayo Ivan Dy or if not, by his amazing Big Binondo Food Wok Map.

Ivan Dy is a celebrity tour guide and an authority of things about Manila, according to Traveler on Foot. I have not seen this guy yet, but maybe in an unexpected circumstance (just like how I met Carlos Celdran) or in one of his tours, I will see him personally.

I really am wishing and craving to join Ivan Dy's Binondo Food trip, but I can't yet. I can't afford his price, a student like me has finance limitations.

I read on Ivan Henares' post that Big Binondo Food Wok maps are available at Bahay Tsinoy Museum, Libros Filipinos Bookshop (Filipinas Heritage Library) or at La Monja Loca Store. However, this wonderful map is given free if you join Ivan Dy's Old Manila Walk tour.

So it just happened that La Monja Loca Store at Plaza San Luis in Intramuros is just a few tumbling away from my beloved Pamantasan. Kaya naman kanina, around 3 PM during our break, I rushed into that store and bought the map for a hundred pesos.

It is written in front that it contains some coupons and freebies. I felt good upon reading this (I really love coupons and freebies). I saw the coupons: Free ube hopia, Free Mami and Siomai, 10% discount at Rosso, Buy 3 get 1 free, Less 20% on selected items. The only problem that stole my happiness away is that all the coupons were valid only until December 31, 2010, ano na nga ba ngayon?

I invited some friends, and hopefully we will have our own Binondo food wok with the help of this Big Binondo Food Wok Map.



  1. The coupons are still valid. :D
    My friend got a free ube hopia sa Eng Bee Tin when we went there. =)

  2. wow really? pwede pa?
    mukha mo Robbie! hehe

    ayos, may coupons pa din ako! ^_^



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