Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Walk to Remember

The year was 2009, I forgot the exact date but it was October.

It was a very sunny day at kuhaan ng classcards yun (PLM is a State University so we still use the primitive style of grades distribution). From 8 AM 'til afternoon, we waited for the fruits of our labor. Among these grades, Physics 1 was the most awaited since we were handled by a "terror professor". A terror professor for me is classified into three:
class 1: Friendly, funny but will give you the "worstest" exams you'll ever imagine.
class 2: Smiling is not in his/her vocabulary and will stare you to death if she/he sighted a miniscule smile from you.
class 3: The ultimate terror, a combination of the first and second class.  

I classify my professor in physics to the first class. (no more talk)

It was some time before 4 PM when we realized that Professor Lopez won't be meeting us anymore so we all decided to just go home. What happened soon was my remarkable death march.

I was about to ride my usual jeepney route to home when I saw my 2 blockmates waiting for a jeepney going to Divisoria. A weird idea then popped out of my mind to ride the same jeepney as theirs. I come up to this idea for some reasons:
  1. I want to cross the Jones Bridge for the first time.
  2. I want to experience the other longer route to my home.
  3. I want to have some chit-chats with them. 
I felt a great delight when I first crossed the Jones Bridge, since this is the very first bridge built by the Spaniards in the country and was rebuilt by the Americans early on the 20th century. I really love the spice of history in my adventures.

The jeepney then passed through a plaza in Binondo, then through the busy streets of Divisoria. Before we part ways, we had a Zagu shake in a stall there, talked a little about the stressful day and said our goodbyes.

As I waited for Cubao/San Juan jeep to home, I checked my pockets. Then I checked again and again and again, "oh no, where is my purse," I exclaimed. It took me a few moments when I realized I left it at home, and the money I used to buy my Zagu shake was my last. My heart palpitated suddenly, but a meaningful smile was drawn to face. "It looks like I am about to walk it all the way," said I.

As I started my walk through the length of C.M. Recto Avenue, the spice of history began to kick my thrill-seeking mind once again. I was then walking through the historical "Calle Azcarraga", where Bonifacio founded the Katipunan. According to books that I read, Calle Azarraga was named after a prominent family during the Spanish colonial period. Now it is known to be C.M. Recto Avenue, after the former senator. I also passed by the Mendiola bridge, site of the rallies and demonstrations against the MalacaƱang. Sabi na nga ba dapat BA History kinuha ko e.

Many times I tried to go for a ride without a pay and try that "1-2-3 style" but I can't, I really just can't cheat these hardworking men, so I go on and continued my walk as I sip my pearly Zagu. I just walk and walk and just keep walking without realizing that I was more than half way through.

Many sights I have witnessed, many steps I made, but the worst part was the polluted air I breath in. Damn, parang isang kilong libag na ang kumapit sa akin at tila baga nalanghap ko na ang buong polusyon ng Manila.

As reached my abode, saka pa lang ako nakahinga ng malalim. It was then I felt a little exhaustion.

Upon reaching my home, I hastily grabbed my Metro Manila Map, measured the distance I covered and surprisingly it was like 3 km distance, almost 2 miles. Hindi ako makapaniwala of what I just did. For me it was an achievement, a walk to remember.

Pero hindi pa diyan nagtatapos ang lahat, dahil hndi pa umiinit ang inuupuan ko, nka-receive ako ng text from a blockmate, "Bio 2-1, dumating na si sir lopez, pinapupunta niya tayo sa plm NOW, may mahalaga siyang announcement." Bigla na lang ako nakaramdam ng chills sa aking spine. para akong binuhusan ng cold H2O.

The green line was may trail.


  1. I love your story. This reminds me when I also tried not to pay the Manong Driver but I couldn't. Nice entry! Btw, I added you on my links. Just scroll down on my website and you'll see Batang Lakwatsero. Hope I'll hear from you soon! Thanks!

  2. haha. thanks again. I'll post more of my lakwatsa experiences if kung meron na ako time.

  3. Awww! hope that Zagu was worth it! :D



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