Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

One last post before the new year comes.

A lot of things happened to me this 2010 and for that I must be thankful. Simple little things but with colossal impact to me as a person. Here's the recap of my 2010 blessings, experiences and achievements:
  • I reached my legal age.
  • I voted for the first time in 2010 Presidential election, and my president won the election.
  • There's a growth in my photography and video editing skills.
  • I got passed my second year college.
  • I survived feline dissection.
  • I have ventured more of Metro Manila.
  • I have conquered more of Ilocandia.
  • I met Imelda Marcos
  • I walked from Divisoria to my home (roughly 3K) and ran 3K on 10.10.10 event.
  • I discovered more routes and commutes to different places.
  • I filled my closet with a lot more clothes.
  • My coin collection increased.
  • I started blogging, the birth of Batang Lakwatsero
  • I have seen the new generation of Philippine bills.
  • I enjoyed my Enchanted Kingdom experience without throwing up.
  • For the first time in 7 years, my family is complete this Christmas.
 I know there's more, but these are the most significant.

The SWS survey says 9 out of 10 Filipinos have a good feeling for 2011. I am among the 9 and I do expect a lot for this coming year:
  • Survive my third year hell
  • Explore Hundred Islands, Alaminos.
  • Get off the Island of Luzon, to Marinduque or Corregidor.
  • Gain more readers in my blog.
  • Have a TheNorthFace backpack
  • Do some hiking.
  • Reach the crater of Taal Volcano.
  • Have a face to face encounter with PNoy, a picture with him too.
  • Meet great people.
I hope that 2011 will bring prosperity, great opportunities and more adventures to me and to all Filipinos.


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