Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dream Summits

I'm addicted to mountains. At this point of time, I can no longer imagine my life without putting myself into action on the trails, the wilderness, and the summits. Week after week, there's an urge for climbing a mountain.

When I climbed my first mountain in the year 2011, I made Mt. Apo, the highest in the country, my ultimate goal. Came January 2013, and that goal has already been achieved (hurrah, an account of my Mt. Apo adventure in this link). At first, I thought I would stop climbing after I reached the highest peak, but no, my love for the mountains did not end [will never end] there. Days after the success of that climb, I started to crave for more mountains. The notion "I've done the highest, what's stopping me from climbing the rest" simply gives me the morale, enough reason not to stop venturing into other Philippine mountains.


Although I wanted to climb as many Philippine mountains as possible, there are particular peaks which I dream every night and day. Dream mountains, dream climbs!

1. Mt. Iraya

It is my dream to reach the northernmost hikable mountain in the Philippines. But reaching it will not happen very soon as it is located in the province of Batanes, so remote and expensive.

Mt. Iraya
Location: Batan Island, Batanes
Elevation: 1,009 masl

2. Mt. Mayon

I also dream of climbing the most perfect cone-shaped volcano in Albay. But again, this will not happen too soon because the local government temporarily closed the mountain for hiking. This is due to the recent volcanic activity that took 5 lives.  

Mayon Volcano
Location: Albay
Elevation: 2,462 masl

3. Taal Volcano

So near to Manila yet I haven't been to the crater of the volcano believed to be the smallest in the world. Hopefully within the year, I would go to Batangas and see its crater up close.

Taal Volcano
Location: Batangas
Elevation: 311 masl

4. Bud Bongao

If there's a northernmost hikable mountain, then there must be a southernmost, of course. I would climb Bud Bungao once I set foot in the island province of Tawi-Tawi.

Bud Bongao
Location: Bongao Island, Tawi-Tawi
Elevation: 314 masl

5. Mt. Guiting Guiting

They say Mt. Guiting Guiting, aka G2, in the island of Sibuyan is every mountaineer's dream mountain. Its breath taking knife edge (and difficulty) could make a mountaineer fall into silence.

Mt. Guiting Guiting (G2)
Location: Sibuyan Island, Romblon
Elevation: 2,048 masl

6. Mt. Amuyao

I also wanted to climb this Cordillera mountain. A traverse from Barlig to Batad would be extremely awesome. Reaching the Rice Terraces of Batad (a UNESCO world heritage site) the hardest way is fun!

Mt. Amuyao
Location: Ifugao Province
Elevation: 2,702 masl

7. Mt. Banahaw

It's a holy mountain according to many, I wonder why. Mt. Banahaw, the highest mountain in CALABARZON has never failed to tickle curiosity in me. So I really wanted to climb it too. Unfortunately though, this mountain is closed to hiking as of the moment.

Mt. Banahaw
Location: Quezon Province
Elevation: 2,158 masl

8. Mt. Halcon

Knife edge, limatiks, wilderness of Mindoro Island, I want them all. I dream to climb Mt. Halcon in the future.

Mt. Halcon
Location: Mindoro Oriental
Elevation 2,582 masl

There you go, my 8 dream climbs in the Philippines.


  1. Hmmm...Ive'been in the G2, Bud Bungaoo f the above lists... Mt. Halcon was in the ultimate lists... Move on and see yah on the trails....

  2. Wow.. we share the same list except for Mt. Banahaw but we do dream of climbing it again..

    Yes, mountain climbing a hobby so hard to resist.. sabi nga.. once a mountaineer always a mountaineer.

    Hope to join in one of your climbs.

    Happy climbing :)

  3. nice... i'm just wondrin kung bakit wala sa list ang Mt. Sicapoo traverse at Mt. mantalingajan traverse

    1. Sicapoo and Mantalingajan, those 9/9 mountains, might seem to be really exciting. But, hmm, how will I explain this? Let's just say, difficulty/challenge isn't really what I'm after. When I created this list, I was thinking of geographical significance, flaura/fauna, and heritage/culture :)

      Maybe in the next wave of my dream climbs list, Manta and Sicapoo will be included.

  4. Nice list, Ivan. See you on the trails.. I always dream of G2 but I'm not yet physically prepared. Still need to improve my endurance to stay long on the trail.

  5. Hello! Batang name is padi....I am base in Batanes......if you have plans in coming to Batanes I can help you in providing the right information in exploring Batanes by yourself.......I can provide you with a map and which directions to follow in relation to target places.......also I could provide you with specific prices here so you have an idea how much money you need. I have climb Mt. Iraya before and I would say it would be safer if you have a guide.....also if you are interested in going to way fare right now by plane from Basco to Itbayat is 1,200. pesos one way......another option is by boat......the fare is 600. pesos one way.......Another place of interest is going to Sabtang......fare by boat is 75. pesos one way.........the whole Batan Island can be explored by renting a bike or renting a motorcycle.........but if you are the energetic type......biking will be for the airfare from Manila to Batanes........I recommend that you just wait for the promos or discounted fare by PAL express...Air Phils.....from time to time these airlines are offering have a very good stories and I could relate to that.......kasi gusto ko rin ang mag travel.......thank you very much for reading .....and all your questions, if you have are all welcome.......God bless you...

  6. halos parehas tayo ng list ^__^ no. 1 ang halcon sa kin hehe! about mantalingajan, superb ang flora and fauna dun... definitely worth every hiking



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