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En Route to D2K | Pasalubong, Food Trip and Long Bus Ride

From January 17 to 28, I went to Mindanao to celebrate my 21st year. I scaled some of the highest mountains in the country, visited an island and explored its wonders, stayed in some cities and discovered how each differs from my hometown, Manila. It was a 12-day long journey - fun, exciting and crazy.

Summary discussed in this link: Mindanao Mountain Madness

From Davao City to Malaybalay, Bukidnon. Days 6 and 7 of my Mindanao Mountain Madness.  


Day 6 - January 22, 2013

From Samal Island, we moved back to Davao City. All of the Talomo-Apo team (except me) were scheduled to fly back to Manila within the day so there was a clamor for pasalubong and souvenir shopping. Nikki, our friend from Samal Island, suggested that we go to Aldevinco Shopping Center for these stuff.

and so we went to Aldevinco for pasalubong and sourvenir shopping

Basically, we burned more than an hour inside this establishment just shopping, haggling, and hoarding lots of cool items. From souvenir shirts, ref magnets and key chains to durian candies and other sweets, Aldevinco has it all.

shopped 'til we dropped
Once done shopping, we celebrated the success of our climb together for the last time. We went to Ahfat Restaurant for a big celebratory meal, and I really mean a BIG MEAL. It was quite pricey but definitely worth it, sobrang dami at sobrang sarap, parang may fiesta.    

it was a 7-dishes feast (6 lang yung nasa photo pero 7 talaga yan)
Right after we feasted on Ahfat Restaurant, I parted my way from the rest of the team. They went to the airport for their Manila-bound flight while I headed to Green Windows Dormitel (I highly recommend this place for backpackers) for my lodging. It was quite really sad, parang nagkaroon ako ng separation anxiety, but, well, I must stay for my D2K traverse.

Day 7 - January 23, 2013

My 7th day in Mindanao was practically just a day of solo moments and long bus ride from Davao City to Malaybalay.

I also tried Durian Coffee before I left Davao City. A must-try for durian fans.
Upon check out from my lodging, I headed to a supermarket to buy supplies for my D2K climb - trail food, water, ingredients for my cooking (yup, nagluto ako ng something special sa D2K) and some canisters of butane gas. After that I hailed a cab to Ecoland Bus Terminal where I took the earliest trip available bound for Malaybalay City.

I was about to enter the bus terminal when a policeman/military guy halted me for inspection. Medyo kinabahan ako, baka biglang may nag lagay ng illegal na droga sa gamit ko. Fortunately he saw no illegal drugs in my baggage, but he noticed my canisters of butane. "Bawal ho yan sa loob ng bus, nakalagay po yan sa Fire Code [These are not allowed inside the bus],"

Waahh, hassle sobra! I have 6 canisters with me and they cost more than P700, would be a big lost if I leave it to him. Then the policeman added, "Kung meron kang pampadulas diyan, palalampasin na kita [I can let you pass if you have something to give there]." Pfff, pera lang pala ang hanap ni kuya. Oh well, para lang matapos na, even thought it pains a lot, I gave him my hard earned money. Grrrr, I felt cheated.

Anyway, it was around 1PM when I hopped into my bus (Rural Bus Line bound for CDO) to Malaybalay City. For about 6 hours, I was in transit, sigh. buti na lang enjoy kausap yung katabi ko sa bus, and the scenery outside was fantastic.
At 7PM, I arrived at Malaybalay City and went straight to another cheap inn for the night. Geez, I can't wait for the next day.

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  1. buti nalng friendly si bus seatmate. di ka na bored. pero di naman nakaka bored ang biyahing dvo-bukidnon kasi maganda ang tanawin.

  2. any photos of the scenery taken enroute to Malaybalay? I would love to see them.



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