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Misplaced Landmarks in Manila

Modernization and Destruction. Both the events of American Colonization and World War 2  have caused so much changes in Manila. It goes with the saying, "there is nothing constant except change". The following are a few landmarks that were MISPLACED in Manila due to the modernization and destruction of the early and the mid 20th century.

Misplaced No. 1 - Arch of Centuries

Original Location: UST Intramuros Campus
Current Location: UST Campus in España, Sampaloc, Manila

University of Santo Tomas, the oldest university not only in the country but also in Asia, was originally located within the walled city. After World War 2, nothing remained from the original university building in Intramuros except the arch-door. In 1954, the arch-door was moved to its current location in Sampaloc, Manila 

the old arch-door of the university before the second world war

Misplaced No. 2 - La Madre Filipina

Original Location: At the foot of Puente de España aka Jones Bridge
Current Location: Rizal Park, beside the Rizal Monument

"La Madre Filipina", the sculpture located a few meters from the Rizal Monument in Rizal Park.
"La Madre Filipina" is one of the four statues mounted on four pedestals that were originally located at the four corners of Jones Bridge. Literally "the Filipino Mother", it depicts the love and sacrifice a Filipino mother can do for his family. When the Japs bombed the then magnificent-looking Jones Bridge during the World War 2, the whole bridge collapsed except the four statues. After the war, the four statues were dismantled and were moved to their current locations, one in Rizal Park, two in front of the Court of Appeals building and the other one is missing.

seen in the picture are two of the four "La Madre Filipina" located at the corners of Jones Bridge.

Misplaced No. 3 - Kilometer Zero Reference Point

Original Location: Dome of Manila Cathedral in Intramuros
Current Location: Independence Flag pole in front of Rizal Monument in Rizal Park

During the Spanish era, the zero kilometer reference point for all locations in the Philippines was placed on the cross atop the central dome of Manila Cathedral. The Americans moved the reference point to its current location upon the completion of the beautification of Bagumbayan sometime in the early 20th century.

the Kilometer Zero reference point used to be on top of the dome of Manila Cathedral

 Misplaced No. 4 - Carriedo Fountain

Original Location: Nagtahan Rotunda, Sampaloc, Manila
Current Location: Plaza Sta. Cruz in front of Sta. Cruz Church

A “public-spirited citizen,” Don Francisco Carriedo y Peredo was a Basque from Santander who during his life conferred immense benefits on the Philippines, having migrated in the Philippines early in the 18th century. One of his “obras pias” (pious works), was a legacy he left in his will for the building of a Manila water system. Though Señor Carriedo did not live long enough to see his legacy since he died in 1743, Manila was to be without running water for more than a century longer. Thanks to Governor Moriones who acted on providing Manila with running water that the Carriedo Legacy was finally fulfilled.- Traveler on Foot

The old Carriedo Fountain was originally located at the intersection of Legarda, Nagtahan and Ramon Magsaysay street, but the construction of the Nagtahan flyovers during the late 70's caused the transfer of the fountain first to MWSS Building in Quezon City then finally to Plaza Sta. Cruz fronting the Church of Sta. Cruz.

Misplaced No. 5 - Statue of Queen Isabel II of Spain

Original Location: Malate Square, Malate, Manila, Front of Malate Church
Current Location: Front of Puerta de Isabel II in Intramuros

From the bodega of the old Ayuntamiento, this bronze statue of Queen Isabel II stood in Malate Square fronting the Malate Church in 1896. But after a typhoon blew it down, it was moved to its current location in front of the Isabel II Gate in Intramuros in 1975. The Malate Square now have a fountain and a dramatic statue of Rajah Sulayman.

old photo of the statue in Malate Square.

Misplaced No. 6 - MacArthur Monument

Original Location: PLM main gate
Current Location: at the foot of MacArthur Bridge

Unknown to many PLM students (batches after 1997) that this statue of Gen. Douglas MacArthur used to stand at the façade of PLM at the main gate. Having no relevance to the Pamantasan, the statue was brought to its current location in 1997 at the foot of MacArthur Bridge. It was replaced by the PLM Flame but again replaced recently by a bust of Jose Rizal.

So there you have it, 6 Misplaced Landmarks of Manila.


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  1. Interesting facts, again, Ivan. *claps* Now, I've learned something new about The Metro. Haven't been to these places except Sta Cruz and UST so maybe I'd pay a visit to others sometime.

  2. Ang dami kong natututunan sa blog mo, Ivan. Galing galing! =)

  3. Nice entry. History buff ka pala? Keep sharing para lagi kaming may natututunan :)

  4. pinapahanga mo talaga ako. san mo nakukuha yang mga info na yan! ang galing, naalala ko tuloy nung napadpad tayo sa Intramuros, instant tour guide ka namin, abangan mo ang post ko bout Manila, na dapat ay sa blog carnival ni kuya angel, late na kasi pero ipopost ko pa rin..hehe!

  5. sir first visit ko sa blog mo, ANG GANDA!!

  6. I am proud to share this in my FB acct

  7. @elal, salamat. tara lets photowalk tayo.

    @Robbie, thenks.

    @Andrew, oo.. haha dapat tlga BA History kinuha ko.. pero ok lang.. masarap din naman aralin ang Biology.

    @Darwin, hobby ko kasi ang magbasa ng mga historic Markers ng NHI. lol, i-blog mo na yang intramuros.

    @Joni, wow salamat. haha. balik ka uli :P

  8. This is probably one of the more informative and interesting posts I've read in a while. :) How I wish maayos na ang Manila para mas marami pang maenganyong pumunta dun. :)

  9. Applause for your patience in researching this Ivan, Ikaw na ang dakilang Batang Historian :)

  10. Parang mali yung misplaced kasi these landmarks were moved intentionally or by force of circumstances.

    1. anong tawag mo sa mga bagay-bagay na na-moved by force of circumstances?



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