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Viaje Baguio | Inside the Ben Cab Museum

World Class Art done by a National Artist. The art pieces inside the Ben Cab Museum are well worth a visit.

Day 6 - November 3, 2011

We arrived at 10:30 in the morning. Amazed upon seeing the infamous Ben Cab Museum, the building alone is a fine work of art, I excitedly entered the place. A nice European-like woman welcomed us at the front desk. We paid the admission fee, Robbie paid the full fee at P100, while mine was only P80 (estudyante lang po).

He was there, the great national artist, Benedicto "BenCab" Cabrera. He was busy checking the artworks on display, I wanted to have picture with him but we're quite shy to approach him (*regrets).
| Benedicto "BenCab" Reyes Cabrera, a Filipino National Artist for Visual Arts, is widely hailed as a master of contemporary Philippine art. He is a renowned artist not only in the Philippines but also in many parts of the the world. Read more on his achievements here.

The Museum

Basically, the museum exhibits the works of BenCab as well as the works of other artists coming from the same genre of contemporary art. Every room was a surprise, each piece of art is dumbfounding. All of the artworks speak loudly, delivering a message to the person who sees it. The museum now has ten must-see galleries:
BenCab Gallery - displays the work of the national artist himself.
Cordillera Gallery - it shows BenCab's collection of indigenous crafts and artifacts from the mountains of Cordillera; Bulols, spears, kitchenware, furniture and photos. 
Philippine Contemporary Art 1 & 2 - a gallery of the works of various artists of contemporary art      

Maestro Gallery - works of the masters of Philippine art are displayed on this gallery

Erotica Gallery - "this gallery contains works with imagery that may be offensive to minors and to certain individuals."

Print Gallery - photos, prints, maps and postcards are the emphasis of this gallery.

Sepia Gallery - it is the venue of rotating/changing exhibits.   

Patio Salvador - on the open terrace where the sculptures are exhibited.
Larawan Hall - where BenCab is holding his workshops and seminars.
*The following are photos of some of the artworks displayed on the galleries of the museum.

Another exhibit that amazed me so much is the Bulol rice gods collection, each is different from one another, displayed on the wall near the staircase. If only I have the guts to steal and bring back home at least one of the bulols as a souvenir, I would surely do it (just kidding).

*the following photos are some of the bulol rice gods displayed on the museum.

We continued to stroll the museum's galleries until we reached the lowest level. 

Cafe Sabel

Surprisingly, located at the lowest level of the museum is a cafeteria. Displayed on the walls of Cafe Sabel are posters that features the exhibits of the national artist. The magnificent view of mountainous landscape outside is seen through the glass pane doors and windows. It's cool inside the cafe since fresh air flows freely from the outside.

the relaxing place outside Cafe Sabel
Cafe Sabel serves pasta and salad meals to be partnered with a cup of freshly brew coffee or tea. I totally enjoyed the food I ordered, Tuyo Pasta rocked my gluttonous side of my personality. There is also another strange pasta dish, the Longganisa Pasta, that I wasn't able to try. A reason for me to come back. 

Tuyo Pasta, ugghhh!
Robbie's order, Tomato Basil Pasta
refreshing tea
We left the BenCab Museum with big smiles on our faces. I enjoyed our stay to the max.


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  1. Pag punta ko dyan, sa erotica gallery ako agad didiretso. chos!

    mukhang ok ang trip niyo dyan ni robbie ah. quiet art moment itey :D

    nga pala, exlinks tayo haha hindi mo pa pala ako nalilink T_T

  2. lol.. haha.. erotic masyado. bkit nwala ka sa links?? nandun ka na dati e..

  3. ohhh..... sana nagpaficture kayo.... =)

  4. Mica, ahaha, samahan na kita sa Erotica Gallery.



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