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Viaje Ilocandia | Going Up

April 16, 2010 - Day 2
Barks - we were awakened by the barks of the dogs outside. Its our second day in Ilocos and we still have plenty of things to do. We'll be heading north, our next destination was Pagudpud Beach.

9 o'clock AM, we made ourselves ready for our next trip. Towel, soap, extra clothes, pocket money and we're ready to go.

Our first stop, the Paoay lake. Legend has it that there was a prosperous village in this once dry land. However, the wickedness of the people angered God, thus sinking the whole village in a great flood and turned the villagers into fish. Then walla, we have the Paoay lake.

Not too far from the lake, we went next to Maharlika Hall. It is an exclusive place, a golf course I think. Of course we can't afford the place so we just took pictures and continued to our next stop.

lake view shot of Bon and Roan
us with lake background
Wih at Maharlika Hall
Bon and Maharlika Hall
We headed next to the Marcos' mansion a.k.a. MalacaƱang of the North. This old Castillian house is surrounded by trees and built near the Paoay lake. This Marcos house is a very good example of a traditional house built during the Spanish occupation. Each room is made cool by the breeze passing through the wide windows. The upper floor looks much wider, where I think parties were being held. The bedrooms have a cozy atmosphere and from the veranda you'll see the Paoay lake. Anyone who got into this place will find it so comfortable, cozy and expensive, indeed a luxurious family once lived here.

MalacaƱang of the North
Fine lights
the grand staircase
the living room
bed room
dining room
By 10:45 AM, we decided to leave the mansion. The popular beach of Pagudpud awaits us. We passed through the city of Laoag and a number of towns (I forgot the names). We're still quite far from our destination.

It was lunch time already and we're all hungry. We saw a lonely carinderia along the road, across it is a windy beach, so we took pictures before we eat. We had an Ilocano meal in the carideria: yummy pinakbet, sinigang na isda and igado, of course with rice and a glass of cold Pop Cola. In a matter of few minutes we're done with our meal, already full and again ready to go. We're getting closer to the Pagudpud beach.

the five of us
windy beach
feel the wind
Ilocano lunch, yum!
 A few minutes before 2 PM, the famous windmills (promoted in Bongbong's campaign ad) of Ilocos Norte came to our sight. These 30 towering Bangui Windmills, arranged in a single row while facing the Souh China Sea, contributes power to the province of Ilocos Norte. This is the first and only wind power farm in the country so it attracts tourists as well. The sands of the beach were blown by the strong winds, hurts you much as the tiny particles hit your skin. The strong wind also blew my 20 pesos away. We stayed there for more than 30 minutes doing nothing but taking pictures.

the wind mills
majestic sight
blown by the wind
30 in a row
From the Bangui windmills we can see the colorful flags of the Pagudpud beach. I know we're only a few kilometers away from our next destination.

We left for the beach by 3 PM, nothing excites us more than going to the beach.

Around 3:30 PM, we reached the beach, we then looked for a resort that would accommodate us and Saud Beach Resort was the one. For 100 pesos per person, we entered the beach with an inclusion of a small nipa cottage where we left our things.
The Ilocanos consider this place the "Boracay of the North" for the sands are as white as Boracay's though not as fine, my knees are full of abrasions after we bathed. The ambiance of Pagudpud is really good for a hot summer day and tourists will surely love bathing in its white beaches.

enter Pagudpud
hey it's me
the beach
bury moment
fun moments
We went to shower room to remove the sands from our head, and all over the body. We're done bathing at around 5:30 PM.

We thought the day was over already but we still have one place to visit not so far from the Pagudpud beaches. We're heading to Patapat Viaduct.

Along the way we saw a motorcycle accident, and its motorist injured. We really must put safety first.

The Patapat Viaduct was our last destination. It was built along the coastal area connecting the Maharlika Highway to Cagayan Valley Region. A wrecked ship on the coast adds flavor to the scene.

On the end of the road, we found a mini water falls. The water is cold and they say it has healing properties. We just posed and took pictures then we were on our way back to Paoay.

the wrecked ship
Patapat viaduct
waterfalls at Patapat
We stopped by the Robinsons Ilocos Norte, and there we had our dinner at Mang Inasal (I consumed more than 4 cups of rice). We were back to Paoay at around 8:30 PM. Ending our exhausting but full of excitement second day in Ilocos.

End of Day 2.

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  1. Went to Ilocos also a few years ago,and it's truly memorable.I love the Marcoses's Mansion!



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