Thursday, December 23, 2010

Strange Encounter - Untold Story From my Ilocos Trip

Since the time my interest in political issues grew significantly, I never considered the Marcos regime a great one. A dictatorship filled with suppression of human rights and immoral plunder of the nation's wealth is a big no no to me. However greatness or development he delivered to us, I still can't bite his unethical means of achieving it.

But a strange encounter happened on the night of 15th April 2010 (wow, April 15 din lumubog ang RMS Titanic noong 1912).

We were very tired from the Vigan tour we just had so we decided to have a merienda on a carinderia afront the old Paoay Church. We talked a lot about the exhausting day as we dig in our savory miki espesyal, took pictures and laughed as well.

Around 6 in the evening, we heard a man shouting a familiar name, "si Imelda!"

"Imelda who?" I asked myself.

So as I turned my eyes towards the crowding public, I saw an old lady in blue, exceptionally clean and was surrounded by men in barong, "oh my God, si Imelda Marcos!!!"

To my astonishment, I ran towards the crowd, calling my friends to come along and glanced the former first lady for the first time. She looked so clean and fragrant and reminded me of my beloved lola.

Without any ado I grabbed my camera, asked someone to take a picture of us with her. I was so mesmerized by her immortal charisma. So I posed beside her, then my olfactory nerves sensed her heavenly fragrance as if I am sniffing a flowerbed of roses. I couldn't believe I am standing beside her as if a spell was cast before my eyes.

Then she asked me, "are you voters already?"

"Yes, but we're from Manila,"
I replied, "perhaps I'll be voting for Bongbong, good luck ma'am."

She waved her hands gracefully, saying goodbye until she got inside her van.

When she finally left the place, questions started to roll around my mind. I started asking myself, "what was that? is it the widow of the former dictator? why am I so like that awhile ago?"

I never imagined this encounter would come to reality, and never more imagined that I would actually give such reactions to this strange encounter.

us with Mrs. Marcos

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